Chadburns Black Dial Marine Barometer_3a
Chadburn Ships Barometer Performance Chart
An unusual and very attractive 6½” black dialled aneroid marine barometer manufactured by Short & Mason and retailed by Chadburns, Liverpool c1925

Ships marine barometer having 6½” white-numbered japanned brass dial, the barometric scale with a range from 26 – 31 Inches of mercury, divided to 1/10th”, the upper part with “CL” logo, the dial further marked “Chadburns, Liverpool” and “Aneroid.” Whitened steel pointer with red tip, bright index with knob, bevelled glass set in a heavy turned bezel. Conventional good quality Short & Mason movement driven from a 2⅞” single capsule, special loose link chain drive, all set on a circular steel chassis.

The whole contained within a spun and pressed flanged brass case with three mounting points. Calibration port to verso.

Condition: The subject of a complete mechanical overhaul, and calibration under laboratory conditions. The dial in excellent condition, minor loss of density of colour at lower dial but hardly noticeable, still appears black. The pointer re-decorated.

The brass case, probably originally painted black but lacking any original finish, the verso retaining what was probably the original black finish, in excellent condition with attractive mellow tones, appears essentially damage free. The movement working well with more than acceptable accuracy over the normal barometric range, good progression and sensitivity, see performance chart.

Comments: For some reason, good ships’ barometers are quite hard to find. This marine barometer is particularly unusual and with a very good pedigree, Short & Mason making excellent instruments at this time. Chadburns of Liverpool were known worldwide for their high standards in marine telegraphs and other items.

A most impressive barometer that really needs to go back to sea! A collector’s piece.

Dimensions: 9½” diameter x 3¾” deep

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