Barograph with Dial BG2227
Barograph with Dial BG2227
Barograph with Dial BG2227
Barograph with DIal BG2227 Performance Chart

A very good medium oak cased five glass lacquered brass aneroid recording barometer or barograph with dial thermometer c1920

The barometer driven from an autonomous eight capsule pressure sensing unit, the signal amplified across two levers to an alloy recording arm, the assembly raised over a full length chassis on four turned pillars. Chassis mounted pen adjustment knob, arrestor bar. The 4¼” diameter silvered and die struck dial supported on a central cruciform plate incorporating indicator arbour, return spring and chain. The upper part bearing standard meteorological terms, barometric scale calibrated in inches of mercury with a range from 28” – 31” divided down to 1/50th”, the lower with semi-circular thermometer, the register with twin scales calibrated in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius with respective ranges of 0° to 140° and -10° to 60°. Blued steel pointer. Ink station with later bottle and dipper. Standard 3½” x 3½” drum with seven day movement having platform escapement, brass spring paper retainer and lid.

Presented in a medium oak five glass case with lift off cover, frieze drawer below.

Condition: The subject of a full mechanical re-build, conservation, and calibration under laboratory conditions. The instrument working well with good sensitivity, accuracy falling away at 30.7”, normal for instruments of this age.

Retaining almost all original finish to brass work and timber case, the chassis with some isolated marks, oxidation, light abrasions. The timber case structurally sound with good shine to lacquer, the glass appears undamaged and chip free.

Comments: Perhaps the most sought after combination, those with thermometers are not often seen. Just a very good example of an earlier C20th barograph.

Dimensions: 14" wide x 9" high x 9" deep

Stock No: BG2227

Price: SOLD