Richard Frères Barograph No 85874 BG2122
Richard Frères Barograph No 85874 BG2122
Richard Frères Barograph No 85874 BG2122
Richard Frères Barograph No 85874 Performance Chart

A very good lacquered brass mahogany cased five glass aneroid drum barograph No 85874 by Richard Frères, Paris, cased and retailed by Negretti & Zambra, London, c1915

Constructed in brass and steel and driven from an eight capsule column, the signal amplified over levers and drop links rotating about pivoted cross shafts, raised on four turned columns over a full length chassis struck with maker’s “RF” logogram, serial no. “85874,” and “Richard Frères, Constructeurs Brevetes.” Chassis mounted thermometer, the ivory register marked “Negretti & Zambra” and calibrated in degrees Fahrenheit, arrestor bar. The drum with paper clip, seven day movement, platform escapement, serial number “19980” matched to sun wheel. Lift off dust lid and captive key. Calibration on a key from below the case.

All contained within a mid tone mahogany case, moulded base and square form lift off lid, five bevelled glasses.

Condition: The subject of a complete re-build, service, conservation, set up, and calibration under laboratory conditions. The movement working exceptionally well with good sensitivity and near full range resolution, see performance chart. The clockwork professionally serviced.

Generally very good, the movement with replacement arm and nib, the steel cross beams cleaned and re-lacquered, the remaining movement retaining much original finish, some minor areas of ageing and discolouration to chassis and drum lid. The mahogany case with some slight damage to top corner of lid, otherwise retaining much original lacquer with good gloss, general fading due to UV light. The glasses chip free, minor abrasions.

Comments: The Rolls Royce of C19th barographs – increasingly hard to find, this one is a really good example and of particular interest. Imported into the UK by Negretti & Zambra as a basic chassis with thermometer, the case UK-made. All this at a time when Negretti & Zambra relied on the importation of these instruments and before they commenced manufacture in London, the first N&Z instruments taking many design cues from this instrument. The steel cross beams are interesting and not fitted as a cheap option but as part of the overall design reflecting the attention to detail of this maker.

A really nice antique barograph in excellent condition and in full working order. With modest dimensions and good aesthetics, this will fit in well into any room.

A collector’s or connoisseur’s piece alike.

Ivory Exemption Registration: 013QOOFF

Dimensions: 12¾" wide x 6¾" high x 7" deep

Stock No: BG2122

Price: £650