Pearce & Sons Wall Barometer BA2250
Pearce & Sons Wall Barometer BA2250
Pearce & Sons Wall Barometer Performance Chart

A very unusual later Victorian oak cased aneroid wall barometer with maximum-minimum thermometer, retailed by Pearce & Sons, Huddersfield & Leeds, c1880

Antique aneroid barometer having 7¾” ceramic transfer-decorated dial, illuminated standard meteorological terms, the barometric scale calibrated in inches of mercury with a range from 26” – 31” and divided down to 1/50th”, the inner part with prognostications for wind, decorated centre and marked “Aneroid Barometer” at bottom. Blued steel pointer, gilt brass index, heavy bevelled glass set in a lacquered brass bezel. The movement of conventional Vidi pattern driven from a single 3” capsule tensioned on a C spring.

The maximum-minimum thermometer sitting on a vitreous glass register calibrated in degrees Fahrenheit with a range from 0° -130°.

All mounted on a good quality carved oak frame, flanked by Doric columns and surmounted by a balustered entablature, convex pediment with carved design, calibration port and hanging plate to verso.

Condition: The subject of a full service, conservation, and calibration under laboratory conditions, the movement working well with easily acceptable accuracy across the range, see performance chart. The dial with normal crazing to glaze, otherwise without flaws, clean and vibrant, the oak frame complete and structurally sound. The maximum-minimum thermometer working well, very small flaw in the thread though it seems to follow perfectly. The bezel re-lacquered.

Comments: This type of instrument in its many manifestations is not uncommon – that said, this is very unusual in that it includes a maximum-minimum thermometer. In addition, the overall condition is really good, most having decidedly seen better days. The movement unsigned, but identical to one found in the Dollond Royal Standard Marine Barometer found elsewhere on this site.

Functional, aesthetically appealing and very decorative, this antique wall barometer is a good quality and interesting piece which would have been rather more expensive than the average at the time.

Dimensions: 16½" wide x 24¾" high x 3½" deep

Stock No: BA2250

Price: £650