Bourdon Barometer No 13816 in Case BA0658
Bourdon Barometer No 13816 in Case BA0658
Bourdon & Richard Series 2 Barometer No 13816 Performance Chart

A scarce Series 2 aneroid barometer by Bourdon & Richard No 13816 with original very rare travel case c1865

Bourdon barometer having 5” open centred printed card dial, the outer part with standard meteorological terms, the inner barometric scale calibrated in inches of mercury with a range from 28” – 31” and divided down to 1/20. Lacquered brass bracing ring, blued steel pointer, heavy bevelled glass with skeletal gilt index.

The conventional Bourdon pattern movement having beam struck with Felix Richard logogram, “Compensé,” “Richard à Paris,” and “13816,” the tube mounting bracket struck “2 Serie, Bourdon & Richard, 13816”, and “Brevetes A Paris.” All contained within a classic drum form case, bayonet fitting bezel and back plate with shuttered calibration port. Pendant and suspension ring.

Presented in a black faux leather over timber, blue velvet lined travel case, hasp and turning staple fixing.

Condition: The subject of a full service, conservation, and calibration under laboratory conditions, see performance chart from dynamic test. The movement, having a replaced pivot, working well at equal to or better than ¼” error across the scale.

The card dial with signs of ageing, some marking, the glass remaining in good condition, the brass bezel with slight impression just after the 12 o’clock point. The brass case re-lacquered to tube and bezel, the travel case structurally sound but with signs of repairs and sympathetic restoration.

Comments: These instruments, perhaps the most collected of the aneroid series of barometers, are now very hard to find – this particular example, though clearly the subject of some re-finishing, stands as a good enough example to be collectable.

It is the case, however, that really makes this a very attractive item. Perhaps most, if not all, of these barometers were originally sold in cases, but because of the case physical size and fragility, they are hardly ever seen, most clearly having fallen to pieces. This is only the second such case I have been able to examine.

Wonderful to see a complete item which by any comparison must be considered rare. A collector’s piece.

Dimensions: 5¾" wide x 6½" long x 2¾" high

Stock No: BA0658

Price: £1200