Bright Plated Double-Sided Compendium CP2147
Bright Plated Double-Sided Compendium CP2147
Bright-Plated Pocket Barometer Compendium CP2147 Performance Chart

A very good leather cased bright plated brass aneroid pocket barometer compendium No 31 including altimeter, Singer’s patent compass and thermometer c1890

Pocket barometer having 1⅞” engraved and die struck dial, the outer bezel operated altitude ring calibrated in feet with a range from 0 – 8,000ft and divided down to 50ft, the barometric scale calibrated in inches of mercury with a range from 23” – 31” and divided down to 1/20th”. The upper part with standard meteorological terms and marked “Compensated.” Blued steel pointer set beneath a bevelled glass. Conventional Vidi pattern movement driven from a single 1⅛” capsule tensioned on a C spring.

The verso fitted with centrally mounted Singer’s patent compass, dry floating mother of pearl card, hard stone suspension, cardinal and intercardinal points, bezel mounted compass lock, semi-circular thermometer set on a silvered engraved and decorated register with a scale calibrated in degrees Fahrenheit and Centigrade with a range from -10° to 150° and -20° to 60° respectively. Calibration port. Case extension and suspension ring. All contained and mounted upon a ribbed semi-barrel form case with engine turned finishers.

The whole presented in its correct two tier oxblood leather over timber, green silk and velvet lined case, snap closure on button release.

Condition: The subject of a full service, conservation, and calibration under laboratory conditions. The movement working well with good sensitivity and transition, reading low at 31 and generally well within acceptable limits to full service deflection, see performance chart. Barometer dial good, very minor mark at 12 o’clock, otherwise clean and crisp, very slight ageing overall. The bezel rotating smoothly with the correct degree of resistance. The compass swinging freely and easily finding north, compass lock working correctly. The thermometer with unbroken thread and reading correctly.

The case retaining virtually all its original bright plated finish, very minor marks and light abrasions only. The leather case with excellent colour, the structure sound, the fabric linings intact with some fading to silk. The snap closure buttons replaced along with localised leather covering.

Comments: There are some unusual aspects to this instrument: the altitude dial with a return, the first of these seen, the dial also with a return, a feature that is seen occasionally, and a large serial number stamped into the case which is quite unusual. Obviously constructed by a very competent maker, fit, finish and function all being first class.

All round, a very crisp, presentable and attractive instrument. Bright plated examples being quite scarce, this is undoubtedly collectable.

Dimensions: 2½" wide x 1¼" high x 2⅞" deep

Stock No: CP2147

Price: SOLD