An attractive French clock barometer combination arranged in an ormolu case, retailed by James Loveday, Wakefield, c1860

French Mantle or Boudoir Clock Barometer Retailed by Loveday c1860 – SOLD

Aneroid barometer having 2¼” enamel and transfer printed dial, periphery with standard meteorological terms, barometric scale calibrated in inches of mercury with a range from 25 – 31 divided to 1/20th”. Fine blued steel pointer, gilt brass index with adjustment knob under bevelled glass, early pattern movement driven from a single 1¼” capsule and tensioned on a coil spring, the bridge ground bright. Chassis struck “Depose.”

Contained within a drum form upper section having removable rear cover affording access to calibration port.

The French-made 8 day clock with platform escapement, movement stamped with the clock maker’s “AD” logo. 3¼” enamel and transfer printed dial, the upper part marked for the retailer “Loveday” and the lower part “Wakefield,” the chapter ring marked in minutes (Arabic) and hours (Roman), blued steel Breguet hands, under bevelled glass. Contained in a drum form lower part with swing open rear cover affording access to winding and setting squares.

The whole constructed within a stylised case decorated with laurels and garlands. Correct double-ended key.

Condition: Clock and barometer evidently good quality, the barometer probably by Naudet, both working well – see performance chart for barometer. Both dials very crips and clean, the clock dial with very fine hairline crack, otherwise undamaged., the bevelled glasses chip free. The brass case sound, retaining traces of original gilding, some staining marks and signs of age and use. The decorations complete.

Advertisement from 1861

Comments: Quite unusual to find one of these combinations in good working condition, this was a French-made piece for the English market.

Attractive in proportion and full of character, a piece that would sit well in any room.

James Loveday was a respected jeweller and clock maker in Silver Street, Wakefield.

Dimensions: 5” wide x 9½” high x 2½” deep

Stock No: CP1239

Price: SOLD