Negretti & Zambra Compendium Pocket Barometer Compendium No 14073 c1890
Negretti & Zambra Compendium Pocket Barometer Compendium No 14073 c1890
Negretti & Zambra Pocket Barometer No 14073 Test Results

A high quality leather cased Negretti & Zambra travelling compendium comprising pocket barometer, Singer pattern compass and thermometer c1890

The aneroid pocket barometer with die-struck silvered 1¾” dial, the outer altitude scale calibrated in feet with a range from 0 – 10,000 feet with stations at 1000ft and divided to 100ft, the inner barometric scale calibrated in inches of mercury with a range from 21 – 31 with stations on the inch divided to 1/10ths.The upper part with standard meteorological terms and noted as “Compensated.” The lower signed by the maker, “Negretti & Zambra, London” with serial no. “14073.”

Blued steel pointer, rotating bezel with index. The decorated chassis with 1” capsule driven movement tensioned on a coil spring. All contained within a semi-barrel form case with engine turned finishes. Extension post and suspension ring. Calibration from rotating verso with locking screw.

The matching Singer’s pattern magnetic compass with 1¾” mother of pearl floating dry card, cardinal and intercardinal points, jewelled suspension, the lower part signed by the retailer, “Negretti & Zambra, London.” Extension post with compass lock, suspension ring. Semi drum form case with engine turned finishes.

The thermometer recessed within a 3¾” long ivory frame, having a twin scale register calibrated in degrees Centigrade and Fahrenheit with ranges – 13 – 60 and 5 – 130 respectively, signed at the bulb “Negretti and Zambra, London,” silk suspension cord.

The whole contained within a flat form brown leather-covered timber-framed green velvet-lined travel case, snap closure on a button release. The returns with gold block decoration.

Condition: The entire compendium the subject of a complete and detailed overhaul, see performance chart for data on the pocket barometer.

The pocket barometer with some losses, minor staining and light abrasions to case, the dial with minor marks to centre and one at the 30” station (only visible in critical lighting). The dial generally oxidised, the suspension ring with traces of original finish. The movement generally in good order though it will be seen from the performance certificate that, as is usual with the great majority of these instruments, accuracy is poor at the lower pressures. The movement tensioned on a coil spring is of interest and a pattern synonymous with early production of these instruments. There is evidence to suggest that this configuration was re-visited by Negretti & Zambra after the introduction of the C spring c1865.

Overall, a much better than average example. The compass, almost certainly made for Negretti & Zambra by Frances Barker, the preeminent maker of compasses of the day, in similar condition, retaining a very good proportion of its original lacquered finish to the case. The mother of pearl card clean and undamaged, the annotations clear and well-defined. The compass lock working well, the instrument finding North easily. The thermometer clean and crisp with an unbroken thread.

The travel case externally with general wear, abrasions and losses, the internal fabric remaining clean and retaining a good degree of its original vibrancy, the decorated borders with some losses. Structurally sound, the hinges tight and the snap closure working well.

Overall, this compendium presents very well.

Comments: Now a rare item, and in particular by this pre-eminent maker. The case is of interest in view of the decorated returns – an unusual embellishment, perhaps a mark of the underlying quality of the contents. Many of these compendia have smaller thermometers situated between the two principle instruments – the lid mounted pattern is rarely encountered, presenting in a more pleasing manner.

Very much a collector’s piece.

Dimensions: 5” long x 3½” wide x 1¼” deep

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