Antoine Redier Desk Compendium
Antoine Redier Desk Compendium
Antoine Redier Desk Compendium
Antoine Redier Desk Compendium

An exceptional, gilt brass, drum-head, desk clock and barometer compendium by Antoine Redier, Paris, No 438, c1880

Desk compendium comprising clock, aneroid barometer and thermometer. The clock with enamelled brass white dial, the chapter ring marked in Roman and Arabic numerals in hours and minutes, and fine blued recordon-style hands.  Heavy bevelled crystal glass, the case rear with matching glass affording viewing of movement, side mounted release button to winding and hand setting squares, platform lever escapement set to vertically mounted frosted gilt plates, highly polished screws and spring work. The clock movement based upon that of a carriage clock.

The matching barometer scaled from 26-31 inches of mercury, conventional meteorological annotations, blued-steel flighted arrow index, the lower dial marked “Aneroid Barometer” and intertwined “ARED,” Antoine Redier’s decorative monogram. The rear with curved inset mercurial thermometer set on a silvered dial with the legend “Fahrenheit,” the scale marked from 20-110 degrees, all set below a matching fine bevelled crystal glass having port to top with calibration screw. Original gilt brass setting key.

The pivoting instruments displayed upon a turned stem raised on a bell foot, stamped with serial no. “438,” with suspension ring over.  The desk compendium contained within its very rare, original, fine-grained leather over wood travelling case having burgundy velvet lining to interior, brass closing catches and keepers, drop down front panel with glazed viewing port, carrying handle to top, and raised on brass pea feet.

The instruments, having been cleaned, regulated and overhauled, remain in completely original condition, retaining much of their original gilding. The case having had extensive restoration, the lining and carry handle replaced, the hinge to drop-down front restored, and the exterior surfaces re-coloured.

This Antoine Redier desk compendium is a very rare and most attractive item from one of the preeminent maker of clocks and registering instruments of the time.

Dimensions: 7″ wide x 6″ high x 3½” deep

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