Redier Travel Compendium c1880
Redier Travel Compendium c1880
Redier Travel Compendium c1880 Test Results

A very attractive and scarce Victorian silver-plated French aneroid barometer and thermometer travel compendium in original case by Antoine Redier c1880

Small aneroid barometer having 2″ enamelled brass transfer-decorated dial, the periphery with French meteorological terms, the lower part annotated “Barometre Aneroid” with Redier logogram. The barometric scale calibrated in centimetres of mercury with a range from 69 to 80, further divided into millimetres. Blued steel pointer in the form of an arrow, set within an oval engraved gilt brass mat. Fine bevelled crystal. Single 1¼” Redier style capsule driving a rack and pinion movement. The verso with red dyed alcohol thermometer with curled reservoir, set to an oval silvered brass register plate calibrated in Reamur and Centigrade, with ranges -10 to 30 and -10 to 40 respectively. The upper register marked “Thermometre,” freezing point marked “Glace.” Barometer calibration adjustment screw, fine bevelled crystal.

All contained with a substantial oval case with scallop banded circumferential decoration, raised on a circular short pillared foot with leather finishing.

The compendium in its very rare sculpted leather over timber peacock blue velvet and silk lined travelling case, single glazed viewing port, snap closure on a button release.

Occasionally instruments such as this are seen, but in almost every case the condition is poor and the case missing. This fine compendium by pre-eminent French maker Antoine Redier represents something quite special as a survivor in absolutely original condition.

The subject of a complete strip down and re-build, calibration and testing under laboratory conditions. Working well with good progression and sensitivity, see performance chart.

Retaining some of its silver plated finish, the silvered thermometer register with some oxidation. The leather case structurally sound, the leather covering surviving virtually intact with good colour, the leather carry strap lacking. The fabric interior with some wear, discolouration and, in part, UV-perished. The glass original, though there are signs this might have been re-fitted.

In all, this small desk or bedside travel compendium is definitely a collector’s or connoisseur’s piece, in its day a very expensive item, and very seldom found in this condition.

Antoine Rédier was an eminent maker of clocks and registering instruments, and considered the inventor of the portable bedside alarm clock.

Dimensions: 4¾” high x 3¼” wide x 2½” deep

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