Gimballed Nautical Compass c1825
Gimballed Nautical Compass c1825
Rare English antique gimballed mariner’s compass in lacquered brass case with push-fit lid c1850

Gimballed mariner’s compass comprising hand-drawn 1¾” floating quadrant card with nautical pattern divided in 2 degrees increments, displaying cardinals and intercardinals, fleur-de-lys to North. Card suspended on jewelled pivot, the verso with magnetic bar. All within a lacquered brass bowl set on gimballed mountings and contained within a drum-form case with push fit lid.

Inspected, checked and conserved, in very good condition. Jewel intact, card clean, bowl swings easily within gimbals, the card finding horizontal easily. Glass a replacement. Outer case retaining much of its original lacquered finish, marks and patina commensurate with age and use.

A very well-engineered antique compass for the compass collector and connoisseur alike.

Dimensions: 2¾” diameter x 1¾” high

Stock No: SI1641

Price: £650