Winter Height Recorder No 59635 c1930
Winter Height Recorder No 59635 c1930
Winter Height Recorder No 59635 c1930
A good bakelite and aluminium drum altitude recorder or Höhenschreiber to 10,000m by Gebr Winter, Germany, No 59635 c1930

Height recorder having twin pressure sensing capsules acting on twin cross shafts and vertical links, aluminium drum with 12 hour rotation. All raised over an aluminium chassis, bakelite end plate marked with technical specifications, Winter trade mark/logo, movement release catch, stop and start lever.

Outer bakelite case with semi circular viewing port, elasticated suspension cords with chrome clips on swivels. Both end plate and outer case with matching serial numbers.

Together with an original test chart with instrument serial number, two further test certificates for instrument No 48648 dated 10.01.67.

Condition: Under laboratory test conditions the movement operated well to full service deflection – see set of images showing test progress below. The movement in good working order and condition. The images show the trace achieved under testing. The bakelite case and end plate with minor marks and abrasions, the viewing port plexiglass uncracked but with minor scratches and marks. Generally good order and working condition.

Comments: This altitude recorder or Höhenschreiber is not a particularly rare instrument though examples in good working order are much less common. As an example of this type of instrument this is a good one in very collectable condition.

Originating from Gebr. Winter of Jungingen, Germany, these altitude recorders were made amongst others by Feuss and supplied to the Luftwaffe, principally for fitment to gliders and to other aircraft for general altitude data.

Dimensions: 8” long x 7” high x 4” deep

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Price: £325