Kaiserliche Marine Station Pointer
Kaiserliche Marine Station Pointer
Kaiserliche Marine Station Pointer
WWI Imperial Germany Navy Kaiserliche Marine Fleet

A very rare Imperial German Navy Kaiserliche Marine issue station pointer by W Bening, Wilhelmshaven No 1713, KM property No 437, c1914

Kaiserliche Marine station pointer constructed in japanned brass, articulating limbs with original extension pieces secured in dovetails with clamping screws. The circular silvered azimuth marked in degrees with twin verniers and loupe. Lacquered brass screws and fittings.

The left hand limb struck with Imperial German Naval crown, “M,” and Kaiserliche Marine property no. “437,” together with maker’s name “W. Bening, Wilhelmshaven,” and instrument serial “No. 1713.”

All contained within its original mahogany box, velvet cord lining and facings to stretchers, lid and both upper and lower front faces serially numbered “437.” Swinging catch security.

Condition: Completely original, retaining much japanned finish, the azimuth circle retaining most silvering. Complete in all respects, smooth in articulation and operation. Repair to shrinkage crack in box lid.

Comments: The station pointer is a position fixing instrument, making triangulation a fairly straightforward operation – the bearings of three targets taken and transposed to the azimuth, the centre of which indicates position. Very often used when achieving position at anchorage or making precise passage avoiding shoals and keeping to channels.

Imperial German Navy items are rare, and navigational instruments even harder to find. Very occasionally sextants or optical instruments surface – this is the first station pointer I have seen with the added bonus that it has not been ‘improved’ with polishing!

This Kaiserliche Marine station pointer is a really lovely original instrument, complimentary to any nautical collection.

Dimensions: 17⅝” wide x 9¼” deep x 4” high

Stock No: SI2117

Price: £1200