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Harrods Mahogany Barothermograph Performance Chart
A very good five glass mahogany cased barothermograph, recording barometer and thermograph, by Short and Mason, retailed by Harrods, London c1930

Drum barothermograph comprising recording barometer with Short & Mason’s standard pattern arrangement, seven capsule pressure sensing stack with adjustment knob over, original cranked recording arm marked “Barograph.” The Thermograph with conventional coiled bimetallic temperature sensor maintained in a sub-assembly together with adjustment knob, original cranked recording arm marked “Thermograph.”

The two assemblies raised on four turned pillars over a short bevelled chassis, the retailer “Harrods” engraved to front edge. Arrestor bar with boomerang lever. Twin ink stations, bottles and dippers. Good quality 7- day recording drum marked “R8D” with French made movement, captive key, paper clip, regulation port with shutter.

The case in light mahogany with lacquered finish, the lift off cover with five bevelled glasses, the end glass with air transfer port. Frieze drawer below. The whole raised on transverse slab feet.

Condition: This instrument has been the subject of a complete re-build to exacting standards, the barometer tested and certified under laboratory conditions.

Generally very crisp, the mechanism retaining virtually all its original lacquered finish with excellent colour and vibrancy. The recording arms, both original being straight and bright. The clockwork fully overhauled.  The thermograph working well, the sensor replaced. The case with some wear to lacquer, minor marks and light abrasions, structurally sound.

The barograph with easily acceptable levels of accuracy, varying by less than 1/20th” across the scale. The thermograph responsive and functioning correctly.

Comments: A good example of this popular design with a high degree of originality. Shows little signs of use manifest in the extremely clean original recording arms of the original and correct length. Most have been badly bent and shortened due to the corrosive nature of the inks.

Dimensions: 14½” wide x 9” high x 9” deep

Stock No: BG1693

Price: £1800