Pulsometer Steam Pump Model c1905
Pulsometer Steam Pumps Catalogue 1908
A possibly unique, cased and finely executed cast brass miniature sectionalised model Pulsometer Steam Pump c1905

A fine and highly detailed 3″ high sectionalised model of a Pulsometer steam pump, comprising twin chambers, air vessel, valves and valve boxes, steam control valve connecting flanges and fittings. Contained in its original black leather over timber blue velvet and silk lined presentation case, snap closure on a button release.

Accompanied by an original and extremely unusual Pulsometer Engineering catalogue from 1908, comprising detailed description and applications of the steam pump, copiously illustrated, together with details of other products, and extending to 52 pages in all 10” x 7.5”, heavy embossed card covers.

These pumps bear some relation to the Newcomen Engine (1712) in that both relied on the condensation of steam to provide motive force. Based in Leeds, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester, with agencies across the world, Pulsometer Engineering was one of Victorian Britain’s great engineering success stories, being manufacturers and patentees of many pumps valves and steam fittings for both maritime and industrial use. They are widely known for the production of the Fleuss or Geryk pumps which, in their time, achieved efficiencies not practically matched.

This open section model steam pump is a fascinating commentary on human ingenuity, skill of making and the rapid industrial expansion of a Victorian world. Possibly a salesman’s sample or gift to a valued client, it is the only such example currently known, though it is quite likely that a number were produced.

Very much a collector’s piece.


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