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Short & Mason Motor Aneroid BA1082 Performance Chart
A good quality nickel-plated motor aneroid barometer altimeter by Negretti & Zambra for Short & Mason c1915

Motor aneroid barometer with 2¼” struck and silvered dial having dual concentric scales, the outer rotating altitude ring marked “Ascent” and “Descent,” depicted in black and red respectively and divided into +4,000ft/-500ft. The inner barometric scale calibrated from 28 to 31 inches of mercury. The upper dial with standard meteorological terms “Stormy,” “Rain,” “Change,” “Fair,” and “Very Dry,” the lower portion signed by the retailer, “Short & Mason Ltd, London.” Fine blued steel pointer set beneath a bevelled glass within a rotating outer bezel. High quality 2” capsule driven brass movement of conventional pattern set on a heavy circular chassis, unsigned but by Negretti & Zambra. The whole contained within a nickel-plated drum form case with mounting flange. Compensation adjustment to verso.

The glass having a few fine scratches, the dial almost perfect, the nickel finish with minor abrasions and wear. Overall crisp condition. Fully serviced, conserved and calibrated, and working very well.

Now really quite hard to find especially in such good condition, sought by collectors of barometers and automobilia alike. These instruments were fitted to the more prestigious motor cars of the times, particularly Rolls Royce and, later, Bentley, the nickel finish being particularly synonymous with the general finishing of the metal parts within these vehicles and the general appearance of dashboards. Many of these instruments were also fitted after market as an essential embellishment or accessory to any fine motor car.

Dimensions: 3½” diameter x 1″ deep

Stock No: BA1082

Price: SOLD