Zeiss Ikon Art Deco Desk Barometer BA1956
Zeiss Ikon Desk Barometer BA1956 Performance Chart

A very sought after Art Deco chrome brass aneroid “mystery” table or desk barometer by Carl Zeiss Ikon, Berlin, c1935

Desk barometer having oblong vertically mounted glass transfer back marked dial calibrated in inches of mercury with a scale from 28.4 – 31.7 divided 1/50th”, the upper part marked “HIGH,” the centre “NORMAL,” at bottom “LOW”, to lower left “Zeiss Ikon” logogram and “Made in Germany.”

Precision cantilevered continental style movement driven from a single 1⅜” diameter capsule, the counter-balanced alloy pointer connected by fine chain and wire, brass index with setting knob to verso supporting a Fresnel screen or diffuser. All maintained within  a folded brass and chrome-plated frame, the right hand vertical with stylised parallel lines. Raised on a similarly constructed stepped circular base enclosing the movement, the bottom plate with attached paper instruction disc, cut outs for fixings and calibration screw.

Condition: The subject of a full service, conservation and calibration under laboratory conditions. The movement working well across the normal barometric range, see performance chart.

Generally very good, the glass clean and without damage, dial transfers crisp with only slight loss to the “LOW” marking. The brass frame clean and crisp with only minor marks or abrasions, and retaining virtually all its original plated finish. The paper base disc essentially intact (very often missing or torn), some minor staining.

Comments: An aesthetically very attractive instrument manufactured by one of the worlds premier instrument makers. These instruments have over the years literally become an icon, eagerly sort by both collectors and connoisseurs alike.

Very decorative for any desk or side table with obvious functional value.

Dimensions: 4" diameter x 6½" high

Stock No: BA1956

Price: SOLD