Paget Angle Sextant No 1589_3a
Paget Angle Sextant No 1589_4a

A scarce boxed Paget Angle Sextant No 1589 by Henry Hughes & Son Ltd c1905

Paget angle sextant having celluloid dial with outer scale divided from 0-90° and 90-0° divided to ½°. The upper part marked “The Paget Angle Sextant” and serial “No 1589,” the lower portion signed by the maker, “H. Hughes & Son Ltd, London.”

The mechanism constructed between two plates and comprising main mirror, split mirror and geared drive from the dial indicator.

Complete with screw in observation handle. All contained within its correct mahogany and green baize lined transport case. Short applied notes relating to marine use to inside lid. Rotating securing catches to front.

Condition: The dial uncracked or damaged, the mechanism moving freely with correct resistance, the screw in handle slightly mis-threaded but easily fitted. The mirrors with some deterioration. The transport case structurally sound, evidence of some cracking to front right.

Comments: Not so commonplace, this is an attractive instrument and a useful if not important addition to any collection of nautical instruments. The prismatic mirror is eminently serviceable, the large mirror could really do with being replaced. As it stands, the instrument is working and useable.

Dimensions: 7¼" wide x 6" deep x 2¾" high

Stock No: SX2538

Price: £195