Callaghan Pocket Barometer No 3849 CP1636
Callaghan Pocket Barometer No 3849 CP1636
Callaghan Pocket Barometer No 3849 Performance Chart

A rare lacquered brass aneroid pocket barometer compendium by Callaghan no. 3849 comprising barometer, thermometer and compass c1871

Pocket barometer having 1¾” silvered and die struck dial, the upper semi -circular scale calibrated in inches of mercury with a range from 28”–31” divided down to 1/20th”, standard meteorological terms, and signed by the maker “Callaghan, 23a New Bond St, London”. The lower part with inset 7/16” diameter hand decorated compass with bevelled glass,cardinal and intercardinal points, and half-blue half-silver needle, with semi-circular thermometer below, the register calibrated in degrees Fahrenheit with a range from 30°-110° degrees. Gilt brass pointer, bevelled glass, bezel transited black triangle index.

The movement driven from a single 1⅛” capsule tensioned on a coil spring. The cock numbered “3849,” the chassis similarly numbered and dated “23.8.71.” All set within a semi-barrel form brass case, calibration port to verso. Extension post and bow.

Presented with its correct brown leather and canvas over timber, dark blue velvet and silk lined case. Snap closure on a button release.

Condition: Fully serviced, conserved, and calibrated under laboratory conditions. The movement working exceptionally well to within a 10th” across the scale, see performance chart.

The dial with minor abrasions visible only in critical light and light ageing to extremity, otherwise clean and crisp. The movement working exceptionally well to within a 1⁄10” across the scale. The brass case with some minor impressions to verso, otherwise retaining a very good proportion of its original lacquered finish, the glass with small scratch to edge opposite the black index.  The travel case structurally sound with good colour and some lustre. The fabric interior sound with good colour. The case is slightly out of shape and appears dry.

Comments: One of the most desirable of pocket barometers, these always command good prices because of the aesthetics born of one of the world’s most exclusive makers of aneroid barometers. As a measure of the attention to detail, not only is the movement numbered, but the chassis, dial, and brass case carry the same number. The dial does have some abrasions, however as this is such a difficult to find instrument with obvious appeal it is worthy of inclusion on our site.

Dimensions: 2⅝" diameter x 1⅛" deep

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