Negretti & Zambra Pocket Barometer No 11262 PB1961
Negretti & Zambra Pocket Barometer No 11262 PB1961
Negretti & Zambra Pocket Barometer No 11262 PB1961
Negretti & Zambra Pocket Barometer No 11262 Performance Chart

A fine early C20th lacquered brass aneroid pocket barometer altimeter by Negretti & Zambra No 11262 c1927

Pocket barometer having 1⅞” silvered and die struck dial, the outer crown driven altimetric scale calibrated in feet with a range from 0 – 8,000ft and divided down to 50ft, the inner barometric scale calibrated in inches of mercury with a range from 23” – 31” and divided down to 1/20”, the upper part with standard meteorological terms and “Compensated,” the lower signed by the maker “Negretti & Zambra, London,” and serial no. “11262.” Blued steel pointer, bevelled glass.

Conventional, well executed Vidie pattern movement, dated “12 27” (Dec 1927), driven from a single 1⅛” capsule tensioned on a C spring. Contained within a semi barrel form lacquered brass case with engine turned bezel and finisher, crown with suspension loop. Verso with calibration port, and engraved “Dearest E.B. With Love From C.A.M.B., Feb 24th 1928.”

Presented in its correct oxblood leather over timber, green velvet and silk lined case, the top bearing initials “E.B.” in gold block, the lid silk with Negretti & Zambra logogram, snap closure on a button release.

Condition: The subject of a full service, conservation, and calibration under laboratory conditions. The movement working well with easily acceptable accuracy over full scale with a maximum error of 0.12” over the standard range, see performance chart.

The dial about perfect, the brass case retaining virtually all its original lacquered finish. The leather case structurally sound with good lustre externally, the lid silk faded with some deterioration, the velvet clean and bright. Hinge and snap both working well.

Comments: This is a really very fine instrument surviving in exceptional original condition. Highly collectable and very hard to find.

Dimensions: 2⅜" diameter x 1⅛" deep

Stock No: PB1961

Price: SOLD