Pocket Barometer Travel Compendium c1890
Pocket Barometer Travel Compendium c1890
Pocket Barometer Travel Compendium c1890
Pocket Barometer Travel Compendium c1890
A high quality leather cased travelling compendium comprising aneroid pocket barometer, compass and thermometer c1890

Travel compendium having pocket barometer with 1¾” silvered and engraved dial, barometric scale calibrated in inches of mercury with a range from 21 – 31, divided to 20ths, the upper part marked “Rain, Change, Fair,” and “Compensated,” outer rotating altitude/setting ring calibrated from 0 – 10,000 feet, divided to 100s. Blued steel pointer, substantial bevelled glass, 1″ capsule driven conventional movement, all contained within a detailed barrel form lacquered brass case with knurled upper and lower borders. Suspension post and ring. The verso with calibration port.

The compass with silvered reflector ring and quadrant card bearing cardinals, intercardinals and false points, fleur de lys at North. Polished steel bar needle with jewelled suspension, matching detailed lacquered brass case, bow mounted button lock.

The thermometer having bone register, the scale running from 20 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit, marked “Freezing Point,” silk suspension cord.

All presented within its original brown leather over timber, cream silk and originally blue velvet lined case. Snap closure on button release.

Complete compendia may be said to be scarce, and this one is evidently of high quality. Unsigned, this is almost certainly the work of Francis Barker & Son. These compendia, often unattributed, were assembled for general retail sales through respected outlets and represented the finer part of the marketplace.

The barometer dial crisp and unmarked, the case with very minor wear and slight stain to verso, good progression and sensitivity, tested to full scale deflection (see graph below). The compass similarly crisp with some light abrasions to verso. North is found easily, the transit lock with correct function. The compass and barometer fully serviced and conserved, both instruments in full and fine working order. The thermometer thread unbroken and reading acceptably well.

The leather case structurally sound, some marks and slightly abraded areas to edges. The fabric interior with deterioration to silk lid lining and substantial fading to velvet. Almost all these cases have suffered from the effects of ultraviolet light over the years, having been left open for display purposes. Though there is fading to the velvet and perishing to the silk, these materials are completely original – this modest deterioration is, bearing in mind the age and originality of the piece, quite acceptable.

Very collectable, and increasingly hard to find in a rapidly rising market. A collectors lot.

Dimensions: 6¼” wide x 3¾” deep x 1″ high

Stock No: CP0934

Price: £950