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A rare C19th silver presentation aneroid pocket barometer altimeter for R&J Beck Ltd, 68 Cornhill, London c1894 

Silver pocket barometer having 1¾” silvered and engraved dial, the outer altimetric scale calibrated in feet with a range from 0 – 5,000ft divided down to 10ft, inner barometric scale calibrated in inches of Hg with a range from 26” – 31” divided down to 1/50th, the upper part marked “Compensated”, the lower signed by the retailer “R&J Beck Ltd, 68 Cornhill, London.” Fine blued steel pointer, bezel operated needle index. Bevelled crystal.

The conventional Vidie pattern movement driven from a single 1” nickel alloy capsule tensioned on a C spring and dated “12/10/94.” All contained within a silver semi barrel form case, engine turned verso with calibration port, monogrammed central cartouche, the side inscribed “Presented by John Dun, Captain, 11th May 1895. Won by F.S. Francis, under handicap, 85 net,” together with a full set of English hallmarks for silver, silversmith Lewis Nightingale, and date letter “T” for 1894. Hallmarked pendant and bow by Charles Harris.

Condition: The subject of a full service, conservation, and calibration under laboratory conditions, see performance chart from dynamic test. The movement working extremely well. The dial very clean and crisp, minor signs of ageing, the silver case damage free with minor wear.  

Comments: A very good example of a later 19th century silver aneroid pocket barometer retailed by one of the world’s finest purveyors of scientific instruments. As an example of this particular type of instrument, this would be very difficult to improve upon.

John Dun was the first Captain of Chislehurst Golf Club which was established on 21st July 1894. Dun, who had been captain of Royal Liverpool at Hoylake in 1873, insisted that he wear his Hoylake captain’s red coat with the dark green collar at Chislehurst and a replica of this coat has been worn by all subsequent Chislehurst club captains.

This silver pocket barometer is rare, aesthetically most pleasing, and very collectable.

Dimensions: 2" diameter x ⅝" deep

Stock No: PB2624

Price: SOLD