A scarce antique Singers Patent Night Compass No 15982 almost certainly by Francis Barker c1865

Rare Numbered Singers Patent Night Compass No 15982 c1865 – SOLD

Antique Singers Patent compass having 2″ hand drawn floating dry card with Singers Patent rose marked with cardinals and intercardinals, showing Singer’s trademark lyre and star to indicate north, and marked “Singers Patent” and numbered “15982,” suspended on a gemstone bearing. The card verso balanced with sealing wax. Contained within a drum-form case with silvered reflector ring, push-on lid, flat glass with sprung retainer. Inner lid carrying the original “Singer’s Patent Night Compass” label with instructions for use.

Rolled case retaining much of its original lacquer, small marks commensurate with age and use. Compass card flat and in excellent condition. The label with small split owing to age shrinkage. The compass swings nicely, easily finding north.

A very good example of these desirable compasses, surviving in much above average and original condition, and with the added attraction of being numbered, indicating that this is one of the 26,000 or so compasses manufactured whilst Samuel Berry Singer still held the patent on his iconic design. Almost certainly manufactured by Francis Barker, though the Barker logo, if there, is hidden by the inner lid label.

A very good collector’s piece and a super gift.

For more information about Singer’s Patent compasses, see the excellent article by Compass Collector.

Dimensions: 2⅜” diameter x ⅝” deep

Stock No: SI1211

Price: SOLD