A very interesting chrome plated brass cased motor aneroid altimeter and barometer by S. Smith & Sons Ltd, London c1920

Smith & Sons Motor Aneroid Altimeter and Barometer c1920 – SOLD

Image of dial of Smith & Sons Altimeter & Barometer c1920Motor aneroid altimeter having 3⅛” silvered and die struck dial with outer bezel rotating altimetric scale with a range from 0 – 10,000′, divided to 50′ increments, stations set at 1,000′ intervals. Inner barometric scale calibrated in inches of mercury with a range from 22 – 31 divided to 20th” with stations on the inch.

The upper dial marked “Altimeter & Barometer”, the lower portion signed by the maker “S. Smith & Sons Ltd, London.” Japaned alloy pointer, set beneath a heavy bevelled crystal maintained in a substantial engine turned bezel.

Conventional pattern 2″ capsule driven 1st quality movement tensioned on a C spring and raised over a gilt brass chassis. All contained within a spun brass inner lacquered case, the whole mounted within a substantial chromed brass outer case with horizontally opposed relieved sections to the rear having inlet stud fastening pins. The verso scratch engraved “OC/- A/AC/-,” possibly officer commanding army air corps.

Condition: The dial crisp, slight stain to centre section at 9 o’clock position, the crystal with deep but short abrasion approx. 7mm long, no visible chips. The chrome case with minor abrasions and some losses. The movement in crisp original condition.

The subject of an extensive overhaul and calibration under laboratory conditions, shows good sensitivity and progression with very acceptable accuracy.

A very unusual instrument pattern, for fixing into a vehicle dashboard. Certainly most interesting as having been manufactured in the early years of a company that was to become a highly prosperous multinational, world famous for precision instrument making.

Dimensions: 3½” diameter x 2″ deep

Stock No: BA1258

Price: SOLD

Image of performance chart for Smith & Sons Altimeter & Barometer c1920

Image of dial of Smith & Sons Altimeter & Barometer c1920
Image of Smith & Sons Altimeter & Barometer c1920
Image of reverse of Smith & Sons Altimeter & Barometer c1920
Close up of dial from Smith & Sons Altimeter & Barometer c1920
Movement from Smith & Sons Altimeter & Barometer c1920