Pocket Sundial & Compass SI2419
Pocket Sundial & Compass SI2419

A very scarce and beautifully decorated Georgian pocket sundial compass in turned fruitwood case c1800

Horizontal magnetic pocket sundial compass having 1⅛” hand-drawn floating paper card with simple brass gnomon and pivot, and displaying hours. Verso balanced with sealing wax. The outer 1¾” diameter hand-illuminated decorative compass rose displaying the cardinals.

Contained under a low domed glass held within a polished turned fruitwood case with push-fit lid of flared shape. The verso of the case marked “DT #5,” and a number “610244.”

Condition: The floating card and compass ring clean, the drawing well-defined, retaining good colour, the compass swinging freely and finding north easily. The domed glass clear, the turned wood case sound with marks commensurate with age.

Comments: A very attractive example of these scarce Georgian horizontal magnetic pocket sundial compasses, and in much above average condition, this fascinating and practical instrument is a real collector’s piece.

Dimensions: 2¼" diameter x 1¾" high

Stock No: SI2419

Price: £650