Barker Radiant Transparent Pebble Lens Compass c1910
Barker Radiant Transparent Pebble Lens Compass c1910
A rare and very good oxidised brass Radiant Transparent Pebble Lens Compass by Francis Barker, London in original travel case c1910

1½” diameter oxidised brass pocket compass having double-sided peripheral silvered scale open to the centre and enclosed by two finely ground glass magnifying lenses. Delicately set barred needle bearing in the upper and lower lens. Scale marked with cardinals and intercardinals, cardinals and bar on needle highlighted in luminous paint; scale verso marked as 360 degree compass, and indicating cardinals and intercardinals.

All contained within its original navy blue velvet lined travel case with swinging catch.

Condition: The oxidised brass case in good original condition, some very minor marks, no dents or dings, the peripheral dials generally good, some age marking to the verso. Both lenses in excellent condition with no visible marks, having good magnification and clarity. The leather case in excellent condition for its age.

Comments: An unusual antique pocket compass, very well-executed. The needle suspension being particularly smooth and well-balanced.  This oxidised brass “Radiant” compass features in an early 20th century Barker catalogue, but was not included in the 1926 catalogue (although the plain transparent compass without luminous paint, known as “The Cyclist,” was still available), suggesting a relatively narrow period of manufacture for this particular “Radiant” compass. It is intensely practical since map-work is made substantially easier when able to see through the compass.

The lid contains a hand-written note referring to the magnetic variation in London in 1935 – 11 degrees 30 seconds.

A rare and very collectable pocket compass.

Dimensions: 2″ diameter x ½” deep

Stock No: SI1652

Price: £550