It’s been an interesting September for Vavasseur Antiques with two unusual enquiries for antique pocket barometers.

The first was from a UK production company seeking an antique pocket barometer as a prop for the lead character in a forthcoming TV series. Unfortunately, as the programme was set in 1830s, as pocket barometers weren’t invented until Negretti & Zambra rose to Admiral Fitzroy’s challenge in 1860, and as the programme in question did not involve a time-travelling doctor, we weren’t able to assist. People did take stick mercury barometers up mountains and on their travels in the 1830s, but these instruments were rather larger and somewhat unwieldy.

Image of Negretti & Zambra Pocket Barometer No 10095 c1923The second enquiry came in from a US costumer designer seeking two identical instruments for a show, on the face of it an uncomplicated request but in actuality very difficult.

Sadly, our perfect candidates – the wonderful pair of aluminium Ross pocket barometers – whilst identical in all other ways, are engraved with different barometeric and altimeter scales: one is imperial, the other metric. Still, after hunting around the workshop, we were able to match a lovely and fully-working ‘live’ example with a recently acquired example.

If you’re seeking a pocket barometer or similar to star in an upcoming production, please contact us on or use the Form under Contact Us.