Feedback from Our Clients

“I recently purchased three different compasses from Vavasseur Antiques and I could not have been more thrilled upon receiving them.  Kate was extremely responsive, friendly and helpful throughout the purchasing process.  The items arrived very quickly and exceeded my expectations, both in terms of the instruments themselves and the cases in which they were housed.  All three were in perfect working order and in even better condition than I was anticipating.  One of the compasses will be a gift for a friend and I very much look forward to giving it to him, as I know he will appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of the piece.  I was so pleased with my purchases that I have since returned to their online shop to purchase an exquisite pocket Weather Watch which is now le chef d’oeuvre of my collection.  I cannot recommend Vavasseur enough to anyone looking for antique instruments of such exceptional quality and beauty.”

E.P., New York, USA

“Mark’s work is simply outstanding – I would not hesitate to recommend him, or ever consider going anywhere else.  He fully restored and repaired my Dad’s Casella barograph, which was of great sentimental value to myself and my Father.  Mark’s expertise, technical skills and knowledge are simply unbeatable.  He replaced a damaged part, fully calibrated and pressure tested the instrument, and to my delight, was able to restore the barograph to full working order after 30 years of it being unusable.  Mark’s communication is exceptional, he kept me fully updated throughout on the progress of the repair, and the costs – further assisting me by managing to get the job turned around on a short deadline so I could present the instrument as a surprise on Father’s Day.  He gave excellent advice around aftercare and replacement of the charts.
Mark’s passion for his work, professionalism, and attention to detail are second to none, and I am so pleased we chose Vavasseur Antiques, as I could not fault them.”
J.T., Kent, England

“I contacted Vavasseur Antiques after an exasperating search for a nautical themed retirement gift. Following a quick peruse on their website, I got in contact and they were able to recommend the PERFECT item in working order, a Negretti & Zambra RNLI Barometer. It was such a special piece that was greatly appreciated by its recipient. Then just a few short weeks on, I needed a similar item but with only a few short days to coordinate, I contacted Vavasseur again and they seemed to know exactly what I was looking for with an Aneroid Barometer by Alfred Casse, and they made a fantastic effort to ensure it got to me with plenty of time to spare. They consistently went above and beyond my expectations and I hope to use them for my similar antique needs in future.
If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind antique gift – I cannot recommend Vavasseur enough!”
L.V., London, England

“I recently purchased an antique auto barometer/altimeter from Vavasseur Antiques. It works perfectly and is exactly as it was described on their website. I am very pleased with it.”
W.C., Middlesex, England

“I am quite fond of Victorian era industrial and scientific antiques. Since our market has expanded considerably, due to online possibilities, perusals of the internet for rare items is not uncommon. I am very happy to have found the exceptional Vavasseur Antiques website wherein all items for sale are described in honest detail and extensively photographed. In communications with Kate and Mark from Vavasseur I found them to be both knowledgeable and forthcoming about the item of my interest. After feeling confident regarding the item’s authenticity and provenance I purchased it, and I’m glad I did. The purchasing process was smooth, the packing and shipping was exceptional, and the item was exactly as described. I would not hesitate to make additional purchases from Vavasseur Antiques in the future. Highly recommended.”
B.A., Illinois, USA

“French novelty compendium clock and barometer: I like interesting mechanical things and, after talking to Mark and Kate at Vavasseur, bought it. I had helpful advice from Mark, who had conserved the item and made sure it was fit mechanically, and Kate who handled the sale and made sure it arrived next day in good condition, thanks to the good packing. It was accurately described and my queries dealt with promptly. I happily recommend this business.”
J.W., Lincolnshire, England

“Thank you very much for the follow up, I was planning on writing you tonight. I did receive the aneroid and it is just perfect. I am very very happy and it was a pleasure doing business with you – very smooth and responsive communication. Thank you very much.”
M.Y., Istanbul, Turkey

“What an excellent business you have there. The three instruments arrived within days to Australia, beautifully packaged, and as described and better. Thank you for the zoom meeting to see how these instruments are tested and calibrated.
I’m particularly pleased with the automobile compass and the Smiths motor aneroid which is now fitted in the Ghost.”
A.H., Victoria, Australia

“I found out about Vavasseur Antiques through online searches. I have to say that through the process of buying an antique barograph, I found Mark and Kate both very helpful and well informed by email and over the phone. They are extremely knowledgeable about their offerings and are quite happy to provide any information. The barograph arrived precisely as they said it would, well packaged with detailed unpacking and set up instructions. It is now set up and runs beautifully. I was also encouraged that they offer a solid after sales service and can provide consumable items such as inks, papers etc.
I thoroughly recommend Vavasseur Antiques.”
M.M., Isle of Wight, England

“I am so very pleased with my barograph. It is looking great and working well providing accurate readings. I was particularly impressed with your service and support which made the buying process so enjoyable and informative.”
A.H., West Sussex, England

“I am thoroughly delighted with the antique pocket barometer I purchased from Vavasseur Antiques. The product is exactly as described, and even better than I could have hoped. I am providing the barometer as a gift and Vavasseur Antiques ensured it was delivered on time.
Vavasseur Antiques provide quality products, carefully packaged, and professional customer-centric support. Thank you!”
A.M., Somerset, England

“I was recently given a barograph with dial from around 1920 which belonged to my grandfather. I have very fond memories of the instrument in his house since I was a very small child. Alas by the time it reached me it was no longer in working order. For me, the personal attachment to the barograph is very important and I was keen to have it restored by a knowledgable, attentive specialist who was sympathetic to the age and origin of the piece.
Having exchanged emails with Mark and Kate it was clear they were the right choice. I am fortunate to live close enough to visit them and take the instrument in myself. Having seen their stunning home workshop facility and spent a good hour talking through the work with Mark I learned a lot about the instrument and had a clear picture of what he would do and how long it would take – all of which proved very accurate. A few days after delivering it, Mark phoned me with a progress update having stripped it down and tested it. On collection, we had another good discussion about its new found accuracy and how to keep it in good working order.
It now has pride of place on its original shelf in our living room and giving us a great deal of pleasure. Thank you Mark and Kate – I could not have asked for a better service on something which means so much to our family.”
R.S., Somerset, England

“If you are looking for the very finest examples of antique barometers and altimeters, I would strongly recommend you to speak to Kate and Mark at Vavasseur Antiques. I had been looking for a pocket barometer in a full hunter case for some time. There were plenty of bulky examples about with hinged lids, but nothing as slim and elegant as a full hunter.
I found Vavasseur via a Google search and sent a note more in hope than expectation. Kate replied with a really helpful explanation of possible examples that might suit. Soon after she found the perfect full hunter. I was then offered a chance to discuss the piece with Mark whom by then I already knew was an authority on such items and so I gladly accepted. Mark could not have been more helpful, more fascinating and less pushy.
I had no hesitation in paying the price asked and am delighted with it.
Mark and Kate are now charged with the task of finding me two other items of similar quality, a compass and a compendium and I look forward to future dealings.”
W.P., Kent, England

“For some time already I was looking around on internet for a British aneroid barometer with some historical/nautical background. But, I could not find easily one which I liked so much to buy it. But around mid December 2020 it happened that I ended up in the website of and I saw more than one barometer I liked. Good, nice, fine, but also it makes things more complicated. Making a choice. Anyhow, I approached Kate per email and she gave me all the information I asked for in  very pleasant way. After that I had more questions and the contact remained very relaxed.
At a certain moment I decided which one I wanted to buy and as a matter of fact I also decided to buy pocket barometer/altitude barometer. I advised Kate/Mark, and they emailed the invoice to me.
Then, the next step is a bit difficult. We never saw each other, we do not know each other. We live far away from each other. Anyway, I did pay the agreed amount and Kate confirmed the receipt of the money and she promised to send the parcel soonest, which she did.
The parcel arrived some days later than promised, but it was nearly Christmas, we are suffering of corona and it was close to Brexit. Also in the Netherlands, the couriers made overtime. So no complaints about it. The barometers were seaworthy packed in a strong box and were consequently undamaged.
With regard the pocket barometer, I had one remark and some questions. My emails were answered promptly and in the end everything was clear.
So, if you may consider to buy anything from Mssrs Vavasseur/Mark and Kate, do not hesitate. They are reliable and friendly. Before, during and after the purchase.”
W.S., The Netherlands

“I have always been interested in antique scientific instruments and came across the Vavasseur Antiques website online. I was immediately attracted by the quality of the photography and the knowledgeable descriptions of each piece. I contacted Kate and Mark to enquire further. Both were incredibly helpful. Buying antiques online can be a daunting process but Kate was responsive to questions and provided additional information on the provenance, servicing and testing of the barograph I was interested in. My barograph was incredibly well packed and arrived safely with full set-up instructions. I am grateful for the professionalism and friendly approach shown throughout the buying process and am absolutely thrilled with my purchase. I can thoroughly recommend Vavasseur Antiques.”
S.B., Oxfordshire, England

“Just received an early birthday present – a beautiful pocket barometer in its leather case. What an absolute treasure!! Kate was so helpful and friendly throughout and made the purchase so easy. I couldn’t be happier.”
A.H., Bedfordshire, England

“I am happy to say that the barometer arrived as promised this morning. Your attention to detail in the way it was packed ensured that it arrived safe and sound. It truly is a stunning item, and I know for certain that my father will be absolutely delighted when he receives it on his birthday.
My thanks once more to yourself and Mark for making this possible. It is gratifying to know that there are people such as yourselves who strive to source and offer extremely rare and quality instruments to laypersons such as myself. I have a strong feeling this will not be my last purchase from you.”
S.W., Dumfries, Scotland

“Kate and Mark are the best of internet citizens and will go to great lengths in helping you find the perfect gift for a special person in your life. It seemed to me that finding the exact gift was as important to them as it was to me. Not only did they listen to me but they ask questions about the purpose of my search in finding information about something that I knew virtually nothing about. They shared their knowledge as though it was the natural thing to do. I find this quality increasingly hard find on the net. I was able to purchase the perfect gift for my 94 year Father that nearly brought him to tears.”
B.T., Iowa, USA

“I have recently completed the purchase of a pocket barometer and compass. I was rather apprehensive about my lack of technical skill and dubious about what can happen with online purchases. I could not have been more mistaken! From the beginning Mark lead me through the details and varieties of his large range of instruments as we honed into the set for me. His knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm were a delight to hear – in the end I felt like purchasing his entire stock! Kate, too, was most friendly and helpful in dealing with my queries.
For any with similar wishes as I had, Vavasseur should be the first call.”
E.M., East Sussex, England

“I have been searching for the compass I purchased for some time and couldn’t have been more happy when it arrived. The condition was excellent and the interactions with Kate were both informative and enjoyable with follow up to ensure I received everything ok. Despite purchasing via the internet, and from 3,000 miles away, I was given the ‘shopkeeper’ experience as opposed to what has, more often than not, become an impersonal transactional experience elsewhere.
I would buy again (and probably will).”
R.D., Connecticut, USA

“My modest collection of antique pocket barometers was obtained from Vavasseur Antiques because I found Mark and Kate’s guidance and service exceptional. In my opinion, if you want to buy an antique pocket barometer then don’t look anywhere else as this is the place to go.”
T.W., Somerset, England

“Vavasseur Antiques were fabulous. Mark was very knowledgeable and they were quick to respond to emails and calls – we soon bought a lovely compass for our son. We were nervous about buying an antique without seeing it. However the photos were excellent and it was wrapped and shipped carefully. Delighted to be new customers of theirs.”
M.T., West Sussex, England

“I’ve had the pleasure to purchase two items from Vavasseur, and both were professionally packaged and delivered safely to my home in California. Upon their arrival, both items surpassed my expectations.
My dealings with Vavasseur have been a pleasure.  As a retired business owner myself, I strived to provide the excellent customer service and attentiveness that Vavasseur delivers. My communications with Kate have always been pleasant, and Mark took the time to call me here in the United States over the course of a weekend, spending nearly an hour of his time, to discuss the pieces I was interested in purchasing. Their knowledge of the items they sell is impressive, and their sincere efforts to ensure my satisfaction throughout my purchasing experience with them was assuring.
I look forward to future purchases of their beautiful items.”
J.A, San Francisco, USA

“I have acquired a rare Shipwrecked & Fishermens Mariners Aneroid barometer for my private museum. I spoke to Mark – he is a specialist and I have learned much about barographs and barometers from past well known manufacturers. I received my barometer in good order and as description on the Vavasseur website. Thanks also to Kate to reply to my various correspondences.”
E.M., Mauritius

“Making a reasonably significant purchase, on the internet, from a dealer that I do not know personally is not something I enter into lightly.  But, after an email exchange with Kate and Mark I recently purchased an antique pocket barometer from Vavasseur Antiques and I really had nothing whatsoever to worry about!
The instrument was exactly as shown on Vavasseur’s excellent web site, it was very well packaged and arrived promptly.  Follow-up has been friendly and helpful, what more can one ask!
If you are considering purchasing an instrument from Vavasseur Antiques, rest assured, you are dealing with genuine, friendly and helpful people.”
P.L., Devon, England

“I bought this super accurate & sensitive aneroid sight unseen, my ‘punt’ being on a previously unknown website with a dealer I did not know before, basing my decision on the quality of the website & the clear and frank description (& of course the photographs).  What can I say?  The description was totally accurate & the follow up friendly, helpful & again accurate.
Delighted with my purchase; Buy with confidence!”
J.G., Gers, France

“Having an amateur collector’s interest in barometers and not being totally conversant with the bewildering array of barometers on offer,  I thought I would speak with Mark at Vavasseur Antiques and ask his advice before purchasing a barometer online.
Mark was very helpful and gave me some very good advice. It is refreshing to find an online retailer who is willing to spend time discussing the virtues and otherwise of different products before making your choice.
The advice was informative, helpful, impartial and led to me making the right decision. I was delighted with the instrument that I eventually purchased which was despatched promptly and very well and safely packaged.
I would undeservedly recommend buying from Vavasseur and intend doing so again.”
I.B., York, England

“I got in touch with Vavasseur Antiques as I knew they had a range of Negretti & Zambra products and, as I was going to be spending a week’s break in their area, I hoped I would be able to visit them in person and see if there was anything that suited my requirements. After some email exchanges I was made welcome when I called at their premises. They do not have a retail outlet and run the business from their home where the reconditioning and repairs are also executed. As I had told them that I was specifically interested in N & Z products, they had put together a collection of about 20 instruments they had available and we, my wife and I, were given an enthusiastic reception, followed up with over an hour’s introduction to each instrument, covering facts on its development, history, rarity and value. I quickly honed in on two small items as I only have very limited space available in my cottage and, after further deliberations, I made my final choice. Having studied the company’s terms and condition regarding payment, I went loaded with cash and was able to pay and collect all on the day.
Should any future customers want to make a visit, it may help to have the O.S. map reference and access to an O.S. map, available both on paper and from an app installed on one’s smartphone, as their postcode does not locate their premises but just their hamlet. I had been supplied with helpful local directions and had no problem. The map reference is SO 49682 88265. It may be worth knowing that mobile signals are from bad to nothing. We visited on a lovely bright autumn morning and the scenery thereabouts is stunning.”
R.M., Cornwall, England

“I have recently purchased a beautiful pocket compendium – of barometer, thermometer, and compass – which arrived within one day in perfect condition and is just as shown in the display photograph. The care and courtesy [of the team] has been most impressive. I shall be reviewing the company’s showcase in future with additional interest because of this very rewarding experience!”
C.H., Oxford, England

“Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am by the professionalism shown by both of you. When I asked if our pocket barometer could be serviced, all aspects of my communication with you were hassle free.
Our pocket barometer you repaired and serviced, arrived safely and packed very well. The level of care shown for the instrument gives an indication of Vavasseur Antiques’ high level of technical expertise. Thank you for your advice, technical recommendations, and suggestions on how to keep our pocket barometer out of harm’s way.
I would definitely recommend Vavasseur Antiques to anyone that wants a high degree of technical expertise, superb communication skills and superior customer service.
Thank you and best wishes for a continued success in your business, you deserve it!”
R.K., London, England

“Browsing online one soon discovers there are a bewildering number of barometers and barographs passing through the market each week. But as an absolute novice how do you make an informed choice? Certainly not through the usual auction sites where items are frequently listed as being either “vintage” or “antique,” which in this context one soon realises are meaningless terms.
What a relief then to discover the Vavasseur website and subsequently have the opportunity to discuss individual items and from this get some outline sense of the field. For me, one of the key factors is ‘condition’ as so many instruments seem to have been stripped down, cleaned, and buffed to look artificially new. Conservation requires a real understanding of how to retain the original integrity at the same time as bringing them back to life. Striking this delicate balance is never easy, but Vavasseur clearly have this sensitivity, and it is for all of these reasons that I am happy to recommend them, especially to a beginner like me.”
R.J.T., North Yorkshire, England

“At first, I will admit, I was dubious about purchasing an antique barograph on the internet, based on a description and a few photographs. Now the instrument has been delivered and set to work I am delighted, the description/photos did not do it justice.
From the initial inquiry and subsequent discussions with Vavasseur Antiques, I cannot praise them enough for their efficient and professional manner in which they have conducted the sale. Should the occasion arise in the future, then I would have no concerns in doing further business with Vavasseur.”
D.R., Berkshire, England

“I recently purchased a very nice combination pocket barometer and altimeter. The staff were extremely helpful and courteous during all stages of the transaction. The instrument was superbly packaged in a sturdy mailing box with more than ample protective foam pellets and arrived in perfect order. The barometer matched the description provided on the website and was in fact in as good a condition as shown in the photographs. Overall I am extremely happy with both the barometer and the service provided by Vavasseur.”
W.K., Victoria, Australia

“I recently purchased a pocket barometer from this company after a lengthy search of the internet. The item arrived on time, was expertly packaged and was exactly as described and pictured on Vavasseur’s web site. Before buying, I emailed the company many times with various queries concerning the barometer and the responses were consistently helpful and informative and the respondent was extremely pleasant to deal with, making the whole transaction quite ‘painless’ for one unused to purchasing reasonably costly items on line.”
C.W., West Sussex, England

“I recently purchased an antique barograph from Vavasseur Antiques for my husband’s birthday. I have been very pleased with the great service we got from them. The barograph arrived very speedily and came expertly wrapped to ensure we got it in peak condition. The item itself was everything I had hoped it would be and my husband was delighted. Vavasseur have been in contact to make sure it arrived safely and that we got the barograph working correctly. They could not have been more helpful.”
A.R., Glasgow, Scotland

“Vavasseur sells some of the nicest antique instruments on the web. I personally purchased a pocket sextant and an indicating barograph from them. Both were beautiful and fully as described. Their packaging for shipment is impeccable. Communication has been wonderful. I really just can’t say enough good about both them and their products!”
E.A., Montana, USA

“I have recently purchased a very beautiful barometer from Vavasseur Antiques. The team were extremely helpful, professional and knowledgeable with everything from purchase to delivery and follow up. I would certainly use them again as I now have them hunting for a ship’s clock. Thank you so much!”
C.G., Hong Kong

“I had two early instruments which were ‘showing their age’ and needed rejuvenating without losing any of their original looks.  The team at Vavasseur would appear to live and breathe pocket instruments and I would recommend these people as your first port of call if you are looking for sound advice and sensitive, knowledgeable repair or rejuvenation of your precious antique. These people will go the extra mile for you and, what is more, at very reasonable cost.”
J.B., Surrey, England

“An exquisite instrument, expertly packed; a very helpful dealer. As an O/S buyer I am delighted with their service and the quality of the barometer. The craftsmanship level of their instruments is unsurpassed.
Thank you for a very enjoyable experience, I will be back!
Cheers from ‘Downunder’ …”
K.N., Victoria, Australia


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