Barographs & Other Recorders

This select group of antique barographs and related recorders represents the best that can be found of each type, absolutely with the accent on originality.

Many antique barographs are poorly set up and thus owners never see the full potential of such treasured instruments.  The items showcased here have been thoroughly checked for condition, function and originality, and, where necessary, have been completely disassembled, conserved and re-assembled. This – the work of many hours – will have included, if required, extensive conservation of the case, often necessitating the removal of the glass panes in order to regain that wonderful prismatic effect created by deep bevelled glass. Finally, all these barographs have been set up and tested to exacting standards.

When you acquire one of our antique barographs, you may be sure of years of service and pleasure in ownership.

All barographs supplied with charts and ink.

NB: Please do enquire if you are seeking a particular style or type of barograph, or are interested in one of the ‘sold’ instruments displayed here for information, as we have a number of barographs in stock that have yet to go through the studio.