Barometer repairs or restoration services? We undertake barometer and barograph repairs, restoration and servicing at reasonable rates. We handle aneroid and mercury barometers, barographs, and other scientific instruments.

“I had two early instruments which were ‘showing their age’ and needed rejuvenating without losing any of their original looks.  The team at Vavasseur would appear to live and breathe pocket instruments and I would recommend these people as your first port of call if you are looking for sound advice and sensitive, knowledgeable repair or rejuvenation of your precious antique. These people will go the extra mile for you and, what is more, at very reasonable cost.”

J.B., Surrey, England

We undertake most aspects of conservation and restoration of both Vidi-style and Bourdon aneroid barometers, including repairs to movements, though re-finishing in all its forms is a last resort. We also work on mercury barometers and other scientific instruments, as well as repairs and restorations to the travel boxes and cases. Scroll down for more details of our conservation work.

We do not offer quotations over the phone as each case is different and the results dependent on your wishes. Examination of the item or a good set of images is required.

For more information about our services, please call +44 (0)7776 193193 or email


Patience, attention to detail and empathy are essential qualities when working with antique barometers and barographs. Foremost in our minds is the originality of any item and, when acquiring pieces, this begins with the initial selection and continues throughout our custodianship.

All the instruments we offer are comprehensively checked, and any detected faults corrected. Many of these objects are completely dismantled and this is a fascinating phase in conservation: seeing the hidden surfaces that have remained unseen for so many years, the craftsman’s marks, annotations and, sometimes, a date. The risks of breakage or loss of originality are ever present, and this is slow, deliberate, painstaking work.

A proper evaluation is now possible and a strategy for the item’s conservation devised. With great care and expertise, the original finish, colour and texture may be re-discovered. This is an objective exercise in retaining natural age patination whilst removing objectionable verdigris, atmospheric contamination and signs of neglect – a very fine art.

Once any mechanical faults have been corrected, the instrument is reassembled, and thoroughly tested to be sure it’s working as accurately and efficiently as is possible, given its age. The majority of aneroid instruments are provided with a performance chart demonstrating accuracy under test conditions.

The result of the work undertaken should be a wonderful item, showing its observable age whilst showcasing the art and accomplishment of the maker.

Bourdon Barometer No 12074_7a

Movement from a fascinating Bourdon barometer

Handmade Hinge for Ross Pocket Barometer

Only 1″ high, Mark made this hinge from scratch and by hand, in the course of restoring the case for a beautiful Ross pocket barometer

Handmade Hinge for Ross Pocket Barometer

The handmade hinge in situ