Bourdon & Richard Series 2 Barometer No 16717 in Clock Bracket c1870
Bourdon & Richard Series 2 Barometer No 16717 in Clock Bracket c1870
Bourdon & Richard Series 2 Barometer No 16717 in Clock Bracket c1870
A very unusual oak clock bracket with integral Series 2 Bourdon & Richard Barometer No 16717 c1870

Bourdon & Richard barometer having 5” diameter enamelled and decorated brass dial by Bastet of Paris with attached open centre brass plate to verso mounted on short spigots with cross pin fixings. Calibrated in inches of mercury with a range from 28 to 31 inches divided to 1/20th inches, and annotated with standard meterological terms “Stormy,” “Much Wind,” “Rain,” “Change,” “Fair,” “Set,” Fair,” “Very Dry,” the lower dial marked “Metallic Barometer.” The centre with compass rose motif, gilt detail and surrounded with nimbus clouds and blue sky, all within a circular boundry.

Bourdon blued steel pointer and pierced gilt telltale, set beneath a bevelled glass with heavy cast lacquered brass bezel struck with star motif, “M” and serial no. “11371.”

The lacquered brass series 2 movement based upon the conventional Bourdon pattern driven by a circular elliptical section 4¼” diameter tube, acting through levers upon an early pattern fan-shaped rack set on pivots with the addition of a tensioning hair spring, counter weight. The chassis with Bourdon interrupter adjustment mechanism, struck with “FR” monogram of Felix Richard and “Compense” to upper centre, serial no. “16717” and “Richard a Paris” to lower end. All secured within a 5” diameter tube.

The clock bracket constructed in figured oak with clover pierced and scalloped brackets, laminated and turned barometer housing, applied turned finishing details, the shelf with ogee moulded edge, substantial brass hanging plates.

Undoubtedly designed and manufactured as an accessory, this is a very unusual item, and would have been rather more than modestly priced! The very attractive Bourdon barometer dial has been noted in similar form as integral on the very expensive compendia comprising clock, barometer, calendar and thermometer, which were only produced in very limited numbers. Bastet of Paris were pre-eminent in their field, known for their top quality enamelling work, here reflected in a finely executed dial.

The barometer, working well with good sensitivity and progression, has been the subject of a full service and calibration, some surface corrosion to hair spring which remains serviceable. The instrument with general patination and signs of age though crisp overall. Adjustment is made by releasing the oak barometer housing from the back board by the securing screws, an aperture through which a bourdon key may be inserted is located at the centre of the dust plate. The oak bracket sound with very good colour and figure, the shelf with some deep scores and abrasions to upper surface. The back board additionally bored for a further two fixing screws, the brass hanging brackets moved at some point to closer centres.

This extremely handsome oak shelf with integral Bourdon barometer offers a very complimentary platform to the better bracket clocks.

Dimensions: 11½” high x 13” wide x 7½” deep

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