A very good British military issue WWI japanned brass drum sextant No. 5500 retailed by H. Hughes & Son c1918

WWI MIlitary Issue Pocket or Box Sextant No 5500 c1918 – SOLD

Drum sextant or pocket sextant of conventional pattern, silvered engine divided arc the arc running from 0 – 130 degrees, divided to 1 degree, 30 degree index with vernier, lacquered brass mirror control and screw in key, swinging loop, built in swinging red and green shades. The bayonet fitting cover with articulating lacquered brass handle, the inside with tables for Natural Tangents, the top marked H. Hughes & Son Ltd, No 5500 and dated 1918. British military property mark (broad arrow).

Together with its correct brown leather and maroon velvet lined case by D. Mason & Sons Ltd, Birmingham 1918 with British military property mark. Closure strap with buckle.

Condition: Generally crisp, retaining almost all original black paint and lacquer, some age spotting across japanned surfaces. Mechanically good, mirrors, shades and loupe remaining unchipped and serviceable. The leather case sound but discoloured in places, one side with multiple shallow impressions.

Comments: Retailed by Henry Hughes & Son, this box sextant would have been almost certainly made by Francis Barker.

A really good and very original example of these very collectable instruments, complete and fully working. A collector’s piece.

Dimensions: 2¾” diameter x 1½” deep (Box Sextant), 3¼” diameter x 2″ deep (Travel Case)

Stock No: SX1682

Price: SOLD