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Redier Ebonised Desk Compendium_6a
Redier Desk Compendium c1880 Performance Chart
A very good japanned timber French made clock and aneroid barometer desk compendium by Redier, retailed by Thornhill & Co, London c1880

Desk compendium having oval enamel dialled aneroid barometer with barometric scale calibrated in inches of mercury with a range from 27 – 31”, divided to 1/20th, the inner part with standard meteorological terms, the upper with retailer’s name “Thornhill & Co,” the lower marked “London,” and “Aneroid Barometer” with Redier logogram. Blued arrow form steel pointer, gilt index with spoked wheel adjustment. Glass with good bevel. French cantilevered rack and pinion movement driven from a 1¾” capsule, set in an oval case with scalloped bezel. Removable back affording access to calibration adjuster.

The French clock of matching pattern with blued steel Breguet hands, the upper dial with retailer’s details, “Thornhill & Co, London.” Good carriage clock pattern movement with platform escapement. Removable back affording access to winding and setting squares. Correct double ended key.

The timber case rear with registered design diamond.

Condition: The barometer the subject of a full service, conservation and calibration under laboratory conditions, displaying very acceptable accuracy over its indicated range. The barometer glass replaced. The clock running well with reasonable accuracy. The japanned finish to wooden case restored to front faces.

Comments: An unusual and aesthetically very attractive piece from a fine maker. Whilst this diamond registration mark is not shown in the records, a similar one for Thornhill for an aneroid barometer and calendar desk compendium is recorded for Oct 1880.

Of obviously good quality, this antique desk compendium is in collectable condition.

Dimensions: 7″ wide x 5½” high x 3″ deep

Stock No: CP2050

Price: £550