Marine Compass Pattern
Marine Compass Pattern
Marine Compass Pattern
A very beautiful hand-decorated compass makers nautical pattern in ebonised and gilded display case

Antique compass makers 10″ diameter pattern showing 32-wind quadrant compass dial, ornate fleur-de-lys to north point, the cardinals and intercardinals named, the false points decorated in blue and white, lotus blossom design to centre. The whole hand-decorated on to heavy cream card with applied green mask. Contained within an ebonised and gilded softwood display frame with original period glass to front.

An extremely rare and interesting piece. Close observation shows overpainting of detailed designs to the cardinal and intercardinal points – this would strongly suggest this pattern had been modified at some point to reflect a change in fashion or use. There is also evidence of the covering up of a mark at approximately 23.5 degrees West of North (see last image), where one might expect to see an indication of declination (the position of True North). This would date the original pattern to c1850, with the changes to the design being made in the later part of the 19th century. The originator remains unknown, however it would certainly appear to be English in origin.

Examination of the display case would strongly suggest this to be contemporary to the origination of this piece and it might well have been in the drawing or design office of the compass maker. The design and its obviously high quality execution have strong nautical overtones which point to a number of possible makers.

NB: Over-exposure of the cardinal and intercardinal images has enabled the design beneath to be revealed.

An extremely desirable and unusual piece, certainly for the collector or student of navigation.

Dimensions: 14″ wide x 12¾” high x 3″ deep

Stock No: SI0932

Price: £750