An exquisite and very rare leather cased engine turned silver aneroid pocket barometer with thermometer and detachable Singer’s pattern compass compendium No. 1839 by C.W. Dixey, London c1887

Very Rare Silver Pocket Barometer Compendium No 1839 by Dixey c1887 – SOLD

Pocket barometer having 1¾” stepped silvered and engraved dial, the outer barometric scale calibrated in inches of mercury with a scale running from 20 – 31 and divided to 1/10ths. The inner altimetric scale calibrated in feet with a range from 0 – 12,000ft, divided to 100ft. The inner dial marked with standard meteorological terms, and signed by the maker “C.W. Dixey & Son, Optician to the Queen,” the lower part with accompanying London address “3, New Bond Street, London,” serial no. “1839,” and “Compensated,” semi circular thermometer calibrated in degrees Fahrenheit, the register marked with a range from 0 – 120. Blued steel pointer, rotating bezel positioned index, fine bevelled glass.

The conventional single 1” capsule driven movement tensioned on a C spring. All contained within a highly decorated and intricate engine turned drum form case. Calibration port to verso with threaded circumference (accessed by detaching compass). Vacant cartouche.

The full width 1¾” diameter 32 point compass with floating Singer’s pattern mother of pearl card, having cardinals, intercardinals, false points and by points, Singer’s star and lyre logos. Jewelled suspension, circumferentially mounted compass lock actuator. Matching intricately engine turned case of drum form. Bevelled glass. Extension post and suspension ring bearing hallmarks for silver and date letter “M” for 1887.

The whole contained within its original twin lidded brown leather over timber, blue velvet and cream silk lined travel case. Snap closure on button releases.

Condition: This instrument has been the subject of extensive conservation, servicing and re-calibration under laboratory conditions, seee performance chart. The instrument remains in entirely original condition, the leather case repaired.

Pocket Barometer: Dial with signs of age, minor losses and some very fine scratches, essentially only visible in critical light. The pointer with minor losses to blued finish. Working exceptionally well, this instrument shows a test error of < 1/10th” across the entire scale, exceptional for an instrument of this age. Sensitivity is good and progression stepless. The silver case remains crisp and essentially damage free.

Compass: Swings freely and finds North easily. The card with some minor losses to radial lines, the lock work perfectly. The silver case with very minor abrasion to verso edge. The Threads requiring some care to re-attach the compass to the barometer. When properly engaged the two instruments sit properly square being positively locked together.

The leather case with a professional repair made to one portion of the return from the compass lid. Repair to enable release catches to operate properly. Small plate missing  from lid. In all other respects the case remains original.

Comments: Only one other instrument of this pattern has been observed, serial no. 1093, which might suggest that at least 746 of these instruments were made. It is likely, though, that Dixey’s production was not consecutive and that other instruments, most probably aneroid pocket barometers, filled many of the interceding places. It is therefore not possible to state just how many of these were made, however it is likely to have been the very low 100s, perhaps even less. This was not a cheap instrument – apart from the material of the case, silver, the work that has gone into its embellishment would have added considerably to cost.

It is one of the most aesthetically beautiful aneroid compendia seen, and it’s perhaps no accident that the movement performs so well, a strong indication that this is first quality making.

This pocket barometer compendium is without doubt highly collectable and, as the market continues to be more prescriptive, certain to continue as highly desirable.

Dimensions: 2½” wide x 3″ long x 1½” deep

Stock No: CP1734

Price: SOLD