Short & Mason Stormograph K2661 BG2108
Short & Mason Stormograph K2661 BG2108
Philip Harris Stormguide Barograph K2661 Performance Chart BG2108
Short & Mason Stormograph K2661 BG2108

An exceptional five glass mahogany cased Stormoguide recording barometer or barograph No K2661 licensed by Short & Mason to Philip Harris c1960

Mahogany-cased barograph having 4¼” silvered die struck two tone dial divided into zones and sectors, the inner and outer zone annotated in red and black respectively with various prognostications for falling and rising pressure, the sectors indicating the corresponding ranges in pressure. Inner square barometric scale calibrated in inches of mercury with a range from 28”- 31” and divided to 1/20th”. The lower part marked “Short & Mason, London,” “Made In England,” and “Copyright 1932.” Fine blued steel pointer, gilt brass surround.

The lacquered brass movement of conventional Short & Mason form, having polished steel cross shafts, the main beam with calibration adjuster wheel, all driven from a sylphon acting through levers and links raised on four conical pillars over a short chassis, marked “Philips Harris Ltd” and serial “No. K 2661.” Polished ribbed recording arm with swinging gate suspension. Arrestor bar.

The standard 3¾” diameter x 3½” high drum struck serial no. “18215” to top plate, the sun wheel bearing no. “82,” 7 day movement with platform escapement, captive key and lid.

The figured light mahogany five glass case with lift-off top, ink station and bottle, frieze drawer below. All raised on full width slab feet.

Condition: The subject of a complete re-build comprising alignment, corrections, balancing and resurfacing of all pivots, calibration and conservation. The clockwork mechanism serviced. The dial with minor marks, the mahogany case, which had been badly UV affected, stripped and re-polished, finish to the movement and component parts remaining completely original. Final performance shown as very good, see performance chart.

Comments: Perhaps the most illusive, certainly the most sought after of all the Short & Mason barographs, this particular Stormoguide barograph or Stormograph was almost certainly built by Phillip Harris Ltd, probably in part with components supplied by Short & Mason – a Stormograph manufactured under licence is very scarce. This later Stormoguide dial subtly tweaked from the original Art Deco pattern, and particularly unusual in its vivid red and black colours which decidedly enhance what has become an iconic design.

Dimensions: 14½" wide x 8½ high x 9" deep

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