A very attractive early Schmalcalder type prismatic surveying or artillery compass by William Cary & Co, London, c1845

Antique Survey or Artillery Compass by Cary c1845 - SOLD

Antique compass having early pattern green card with cardinals and intercardinals, the reversed azimuth circle marked to 360 degrees with stations at 10 degree increments divided to half degrees.

Standard pattern low drum form case. Folding sight to rear with sighting wire and mirror; prism sight mounted on opposing side, with blue and green shades, and dust lid. Card brake and transit lock buttons. Spun brass protective lid.

The instrument retaining traces of its original lacquered finish, generally fine scratches and minor abrasions overall. The prism un-cracked, sight mountings tight and secure. The card swinging well and easily finding north. Brake and lock working well.

Very much a collector’s piece.

Dimensions: 3¾” diameter x  1¼” deep

Stock No: SI0668

Price: SOLD

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