A rare, fine quality, early C20th barograph and barometer by Short & Mason, retailed by James Lucking & Co, Birmingham, Leicester and Worcester

Drum Barograph & Barometer by Short & Mason - SOLD

Image of Short & Mason Barograph & BarometerThe Short & Mason barograph mechanism overall is of fine gilded brass construction. Conventional 8-day drum recorder, bearing “Pat. No. 3715.02” to top plate and serial no. “1505” to lower plate, with good quality platform escapement, captive winding key and top cover. The whole mounted on a conical base with static top mounted platform gear, serial no. “1505.” The barometer set on separate, unsigned chassis with fluted border and raised on four turned brass supporting pillars, eight capsule pressure sensing set with adjustment wheel over, having well-engineered connecting mechanism and driving delicately executed, grained white metal swinging gate arm and indicator to barometric scale. Base-mounted arrester bar with single stop pin. Silvered and engraved brass open-faced 4½” dial with conventional annotation calibrated from 28-31 inches of mercury, bearing registered design no. “428606” and retailer’s name “James Lucking & Co, Birmingham, Leicester and Worcester” to bottom. Conventional corked ink bottle with dipper, inset to cabinet base. The whole contained within its original oak case with lift-off cover of heavy bevelled five-glass construction. Frieze drawer to bottom for self-adhesive style charts.

The instrument, having been extensively restored, the cabinet disassembled, cleaned, re–lacquered and polished, the mechanism cleaned and serviced, remains entirely original in all respects. The recording paper for an up-to-date test shows good sensitivity and function.

Instruments with this combination of barograph and aneroid barometer may be considered scarce. The majority found as untouched require re-lacquering to the case due to sun damage. This Short & Mason barograph is particularly unusual in that the mechanism is in such good original condition. It has restored very well.

Dimensions: 14″ wide x 9″ high x 8½” deep

Stock No: BG0237

Price: SOLD

Image of Short & Mason Barograph & Barometer


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