An interesting and scarce, 19th century, large bulkhead Typhoon barometer manufactured by George Falconer & Co, Hong Kong, c1875

Large Bulkhead Barometer by Falconer c1875 - SOLD

Image of Falconer BarometerLarge Falconer barometer with silvered and engraved 8″ brass dial, annotated “Typhoon or Gale 28.50 to 29.40,” “Squalls & Rain 29.40 to 29.75,” “Fair & NE Monsoon 29.75 to 30.25,” “Strong Monsoon 30.25 to 31,” all in inches of mercury. Twin semi-circular scales annotated 28–31 inches of mercury and 710-790 mm of mercury, top portion of dial marked “Specially designed by G. Falconer & Co, Hongkong,” across the dial the legend “Aneroid Barometer,” the lower portion marked “For use in the Far East” and having large curved mercurial thermometer to dial bottom with scale from 0–160 marked in degrees Fahrenheit, also marked “Fahrenheit Thermometer.” Blued-steel pointer, the heavy bevelled glass set with gilt brass telltale and adjusting wheel. Brass bezel, japanned brass case with three radially-set mounting brass fixing plates at 12, 4 and 8 o’clock.

A very unusual and interesting instrument in very fine condition, highly sensitive with almost stepless transition. The case, very dilapidated when found, has been cleaned and re-coloured, the bezel polished. It remains completely original in all other respects. This Falconer barometer has great aesthetics, is rare and interesting, and is a very desirable item.

George Falconer was a Scot who worked as an apprentice in Hong Kong to Leonard 1892 advert for FalconerJust in the 1840s and then Douglas Lapraik (also a former apprentice of Just’s).

Falconer was listed in the 1859 Hong Kong Directory as the head man for Douglas Lapraik Watchmaker, so he probably ran the business for Lapraik. In April 1866, Lapraik closed down his watch-making business, transferring it to Falconer, and the firm was renamed Falconer & Co. Falconer died in London in 1875, while the firm remained in Falconer family hands until 1997. Today, Falconer Jewellers store is located in the prestigious Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong’s oldest luxury hotel.

Dimensions: 8″ diameter x 2¾” deep

Stock No: BA0232

Price: SOLD

Image of Falconer Barometer
Image of Falconer Barometer
Image of Falconer Barometer


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