A very good original Campbell-Stokes Sunshine Recorder, Temperate Zones, Mk IIIC No 8339 for latitudes 45° - 65° by Casella, London c1960

Campbell-Stokes Temperate Zones Sunshine Recorder by Casella No 8339 c1960

Campbell-Stokes sunshine recorder having 4” diameter glass sphere, the frame constructed in oxidised and gilt lacquered brass. The card holder marked to the top “Mk IIIC” and “45° – 65°,” recording card clamping screw with chain, coarse setting for latitude adjustment, levelling frame set on three adjustable levelling screws with locknuts facilitating elevation and azimuth correction.

Condition: This instrument has seen use, though remains in first class serviceable condition. All adjustments are free, the glass sphere undamaged, the metal work retaining a reasonable proportion of original finish.

Comments: This Campbell-Stokes sunshine recorder is the British Meteorological Office Pattern Mk IIIC, for Temperate zones, latitudes 45° – 65° North or South.

A very aesthetically appealing and functional object by a top London maker. Certainly a collector or connoisseur’s piece.

Dimensions: 9½” high x 7¾” wide x 6½” deep

Stock No: SI2086

Price: £825

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