Fischer Barograph BG2174
Fischer Barograph BG2174
Fischer Barograph BG2174
Fischer VEB Barograph Performance Chart

A very good two glass aneroid drum barograph recorder Type 207M 94322418 serial no. 894 by Fischer VEB Feingerätebau Drebach, GDR c1975

Barograph movement constructed in light alloy and stainless steel. Inverted sylphon suspended within a light alloy frame, calibration adjustment over and acting through links and levers across two sprung cross shafts, twin counterweights, multiple adjustment points for gain and deflection. Light alloy recording arm, stainless steel nib. All raised over a full length black crackle finished chassis, key station and key, applied ID Plate with manufacturer’s details, model and serial numbers. The drum with separate chassis mounted clockwork having platform escapement and options for rotational period. Paper clip and top retaining spring loaded clamping knob.

All contained within a hardwood case glazed front and back, hinged lid with single throw locking catch, transport handle to top., black painted metal chart drawer below.

Condition: The subject of full inspection, servicing and calibration under laboratory conditions, the movement working well, see performance chart. The nib replaced and honed in, the clockwork mechanism with good amplitude. Overall, generally very good, minor marks and slight fading to case.

Comments: Not every one’s cup of tea especially if antiques are your thing. That said, this is actually a very good instrument in very good condition, and at the time not cheap. The movement is of particular interest – clearly designed for efficiency and accuracy, the inversion of the sylphon, a departure from normal design, has enabled calibration adjustments to be made without changing the axial position of this component. This in turn has prevented pre-loads being introduced to the cross shafts thus helping reduce friction.

Aeronautical engineer Kurt Fischer founded a precision mechanical workshop in Drebach in the Erzgebirge in 1945, specialising initially in barometers and later further meteorological instruments. 1958 saw state participation under the trading name Feingerätebau Kurt Fischer KG, which undertook extensive development work for the aviation industry. In 1972, the company was expropriated and forcibly nationalised as VEB Feingerätebau Drebach, though the trademark “Fischer”continued to be used due to its international renown, until it was reprivatised in 1990 and the company returned to the Fischer family.

This is probably the ideal gift or acquisition for one in the market for a good working barograph. Are they collectable? Arguably yes, simply by virtue of the innovative movement. In addition, instruments as good as this are unlikely to depreciate and in time will become antique.

Dimensions: 13¾" wide x 7" high x 7" deep

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