Short & Mason Barograph with Dial No I30830 BG2083
Short & Mason Barograph with Dial No I30830 BG2083
Short & Mason Barograph with Dial No I30830 BG2083Performance Chart
Short & Mason Barograph with Dial No I30830 BG2083

Fine light oak cased aneroid recording barometer barograph by Short & Mason, London, No I.30830, retailed by William Roberton & Son, Glasgow, c1930

Drum barograph having 4½” barometer dial with standard meteorological terms, the barometric scale calibrated in inches of mercury with a range from 28” – 31” and divided to 1/100th”, the lower part with retailer’s details “Wm Roberton & Son, Optician, Glasgow,” Short & Mason’s registered design “No 428606,” and serial no. “I.30830.” Fine blued steel pointer.

The movement driven from eight autonomous pressure sensing capsules, standard configuration movement raised on four pillars over a short chassis. The lower cross beam marked with the Short & Mason brand “Tycos.” Adjustment/calibration screw to top beam, swinging gate recording arm, polished steel arrestor bar, trimmed ink station, bottle with dipper.

The recording drum marked no. “11,”  and “Pat 3715.02,” with eight day movement having platform escapement mounted to platform with sun wheel no. “11.”

The light oak case with frieze drawer, lift off cover with five bevelled glass lights, all raised on bun feet.

Condition: The subject of a complete service, rebuild, conservation, and calibration under laboratory conditions. The instrument working very well across full scale, see performance chart. Very good condition overall, the oak case re-lacquered, as this had faded and the finish degraded very badly – it had clearly been exposed to bright sunlight for an extended period.

The movement and entire mechanism remaining original in all respects and retaining virtually all its original finish – two slight marks may be seen on the middle of the chassis, otherwise bright and vibrant overall. The nib replaced. The dial crisp and clean, virtually unmarked. The glass with some minor scratches but lacking chips or cracks.

Comments: This is a really exceptional instrument, the light oak colour with plenty of cross cut or tiger stripe figure contrasting well with the lacquered brass mechanism and fittings.

These are the most sought after of all barographs, particularly those in light or honey oak. A very desirable instrument now hard to find in this condition

William Roberton & Son was founded in 1928, taking over from William Roberton, and traded from Hope Street in Glasgow.

Dimensions: 14½" wide x 8½" high x 8½" deep

Stock No: BG2083

Price: SOLD