French Industrial Lighthouse Clock c1895
An exceptional and rare French Industrial novelty lighthouse clock c1900, probably by Guilmet

Large French lighthouse clock constructed in oxidised brass retaining almost all its original colour with traces of gilt finish to detail parts. The tower with well-executed simulated block work, the windows and door detailed in gilt brass castings. The parapet with well-formed brass balustrade. The lantern room housing a 3½” 8-day clock with platform escapement, paper dial with roman chapter ring, sliding door to rear affording access to winding and setting squares. The domed circular roof with radially set brass straps, lightning conductor and weather vane.A rare item in exceptional original condition, the clock professionally serviced. The paper dial is original – it has some discolouration probably caused by oil seeping through the various bushings on the front plate.These lighthouses, mostly attributed to the 19th century French maker Guilmet, are part of a series of novelty clocks and barometers generaly referred to as the “Industrial Series,” and have become passionately collected. Most of these items have been ruined through overzealous restoration – this one faithfully bears testament to its age through its patina and originality. The weather vane is later.

A piece with great presence having wonderful aesthetics, very much for the collector or just as a wonderful decorative addition to a living room.

Supplied with later double-ended key.

Dimensions: approx 22″ high

Stock No: CL0423

Price: £2250