A very good large sized Victorian aneroid wall barometer with thermometer by Short & Mason retailed by Henry Robinson, Shrewsbury, c1890

Large Victorian Aneroid Wall Barometer by Short & Mason c1890 – SOLD

Antique wall barometer having 10” glazed ceramic transfer decorated dial marked with illuminated standard meteorological terms, having a barometric range from 28 – 31” mercury, various weather prognostications, the upper part marked “Hy Robinson, High Street, Shrewsbury.” The lower part with large semi-circular thermometer, the register calibrated in both degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius with ranges 10 – 130 & -10 to 55,  blued steel pointer, gilt brass index.

All beneath a heavy bevelled glass set in a brass bezel. 3” capsule driven movement tensioned on a C spring. The whole mounted in a substantial turned oak polished circular frame. The verso with heavy brass plate hangar and calibration port.

Condition: The subject of comprehensive servicing, conservation and calibration under laboratory conditions, see performance chart below. Very original condition and showing no signs of earlier damage, rectifications or over-zealous servicing. The glazed ceramic dial in exceptional condition with normal signs of crazing. The transfers and illuminations present as clean with good colour, clarity and depth. The movement working well with easily acceptable accuracy, good progression and sensitivity. The oak case with good colour and essentially damage free. The hanger remounted at a slightly lower point so as to remain invisible when the instrument is hung.

Comments: This is one of the best of these instruments yet encountered. These large sized aneroids might be considered scarce and especially so in this condition, those with dial mounted thermometers being most sought after. This is one of those instruments that offers wonderful aesthetics, a little historical perspective and great practical value.

Very much a collector or connoisseur’s piece alike.

Henry Robinson was a watchmaker, jeweller and optician, with premises at 15 High Street, Shrewsbury.

Dimensions: 14” diameter

Stock No: BA1729

Price: SOLD