Chrome Auto-Aneroid_4a
Negretti & Zambra Auto-Aneroid Performance Chart
A very good chrome brass auto aneroid altimeter barometer by Negretti & Zambra c1925

Motor aneroid having 2” die struck japanned dial marked in white. Outer bezel driven rotating altitude ring marked “Feet” with a range from 0 – 6000ft, divided to 50ft and having stations at each 1,000ft. Inner barometric scale calibrated in inches of mercury with a range from 25” – 31” and divided to 1/10th”. The upper part marked “Auto-Aneroid,” the lower marked “Compensated” and “British Made.” ” White highlighted blued steel pointer, bevelled glass.

Standard 1st quality movement driven from a single 1¼” capsule tensioned on a C spring, unsigned but by Negretti & Zambra. The whole arranged within a drum form case having rear flange with three mounting points.

Condition: The subject of full servicing, conservation, and testing under laboratory conditions. The movement with good transition and sensitivity, working well with easily acceptable levels of accuracy across the standard meteorological range 28 – 31” Hg. Very crisp, clean clear dial and markings, the case retaining virtually all its original plated finish.

Comments: Not easily sourced, these instruments rarely occur in this fine condition, most having suffered a rather hard life. A lovely finishing touch to a classic car restoration, and a collector’s piece.

Dimensions: 2⅝” diameter x ⅞” deep

Stock No: BA1257

Price: SOLD