Army & Navy COSL Pocket Barometer Compendium c1880
Army & Navy COSL Pocket Barometer Compendium c1880
Army & Navy COSL Pocket Barometer Compendium c1880
Army & Navy COSL Pocket Barometer Compendium c1880
Army & Navy COSL Pocket Barometer Compendium c1880
A very good nickel plated pocket barometer and Singers Patent compass compendium retailed by Army & Navy Co-operative Society Ltd, c1880

Aneroid pocket barometer having 1⅞” silvered and engraved dual concentric scaled dial, the outer altitude scale with a range from 0 – 7,000ft divided to 100ft increments, the inner barometric scale with a range from 24 – 21″ of mercury, divided to 10ths”. The upper part marked “Compensated,” the lower “A&N.C.O.S.L.” Fine blued steel pointer, rotating bezel with fine index, bevelled glass. The quality conventional movement driven by a 1″ capsule tensioned on a C spring. The verso, when detached from compass, with calibration port.

The detachable 1⅞” Singer’s Patent compass on a screw thread, hand-decorated mother of pearl floating card of the conventional Singer’s pattern, cardinal and intercardinal points, lyre and star symbol at north and bearing the hand-painted legend “Singer’s Patent” to southern sector. Jewelled suspension, manual compass lock.

The whole composed in a drum form case with engine turned finishing rings, extension post and suspension ring. Together with its original brown leather over timber, cream silk and blue velvet lined case, snap closure on a button release.

Condition : The plated finish with wear, minor marks, and oxidation – in all, about 70% original plated finish remaining. The glasses to both instruments appearing damage free with good transparency. The barometer dial crisp overall, minor point of oxidation just below 1 o’clock position. The compass floating card crisp, retaining almost all its painted finish and appearing damage free. Function is very good in all respects. The leather case with very slight warping to lids, minor losses, light marks scuffs and abrasions. Overall, structurally sound with good colour. One lid release button replaced.

Comments: A scarce pattern of these compendia, most being lacquered brass. Substantially dismantled and re-built to exacting standards, and applied to full laboratory testing, see performance chart. Performing well with more than acceptable levels of accuracy across the range, sensitive with good progression. The compass similarly the subject of disassembly, conservation and function checks, easily finding north, with fully functioning lock. These larger compasses are considered most appealing for their good aesthetics and ease of use.

This pocket barometer compendium was made by Elliott Brothers, one of the top manufacturers of such instruments – Elliott used the same movement and drum form case in its own pocket barometers and compendia.

The Army & Navy Co-operative Society Ltd was incorporated on 15 September 1871, being formed a group of army and navy officers. The aim of the co-operative was to supply goods to its members at the lowest remunerative rates. In 1934, the society was incorporated into a limited company – Army & Navy Stores Ltd – and continued to trade under this name until 2005 when House of Fraser, which had bought the company in 1973, rebranded the remaining Army & Navy stores under its own identity.

Overall, a much above average example of these sought after instruments from a top maker in crisp original condition. A collector’s piece.

Dimensions: 2¾” long x 2½” wide x 1½” deep

Stock No: CP1020

Price: SOLD