Aronsberg Double-Sided Pocket Barometer Compendium No 217 CP1624
Aronsberg Double-Sided Pocket Barometer Compendium No 217 CP1624
Aronsberg Double-Sided Pocket Barometer Compendium No 217 CP1624
Aronsberg Pocket Barometer CP1624 Performance Chart

A very good double-sided aneroid pocket barometer altimeter compendium No 217 including Singer’s Patent compass and thermometer

Pocket barometer having stepped, silvered and engraved 1¾” dial, the outer portion with engine turned bezel-set altitude ring calibrated in feet with a range from 0 – 8,000ft and divided down to 100ft, the inner barometric scale with a range from 23” – 31” of mercury divided to 1/20th.

The inset with standard meteorological terms and signed below by the retailer “M. Aronsberg & Co, 39 Castle St,” the lower part marked “Liverpool” and “Compensated” surmounting semi-circular thermometer set on a register calibrated in degrees Fahrenheit with a range from 20° – 140° divided to 2°. Blued steel pointer under low dome bevelled glass.

The first quality ‘bat wing’ bridge movement, unsigned but probably by Negretti & Zambra, driven from a single 1¼” nickel alloy capsule tensioned on a coil spring, the chassis marked “60” and “24” to underside, the reverse of the dial marked “217.”

Contained within a ribbed drum form case, pendant and bow, calibration port to verso, the periphery with relief to take push fit compass, comprising floating mother of pearl card bearing Singer’s trademark star and lyre at north, cardinal and intercardinal points, and marked “Singer’s Patent” at south,. Side mounted compass lock lever, low drum form ribbed case.

Presented in its original two tier oxblood and black leather over timber, green velvet and silk lined case, snap closure on a button release.

Condition: The subject of a full service, conservation, and calibration under laboratory conditions. The barometer working very well across the standard range with some dispersion at the high and very much lower pressures, see performance chart from dynamic test. This is to be expected and is an inherent characteristic of most instruments of this age. Progression and sensitivity are both excellent. 

Overall very crisp, the dial clean and with good contrast, minor losses at extremity of altitude ring at 1000’. The thermometer appears accurate to within 1° at 70° F. The compass swings freely, easily finding North, locking up efficiently.

The leather transport case structurally sound with excellent external colour, leather over hinges replaced. The internal fabric with some fading and discolouration though sound and with some vibrancy. The snap closures closing and releasing as they should.

Comments: These instruments are increasingly in demand, and always the favourite for collectors as they combine instruments of different disciplines, greatly adding to desirability. This particular piece has survived in far better condition than most and in many respects would be amongst the best that I have seen.

With all aspects working well, presenting as very crisp, this is certainly a collector’s piece.

Dimensions: 2⅜" wide x 2⅝" long x 1½" deep

Stock No: CP1624

Price: SOLD