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Elliott Altimeter PB2218 Performance Chart

A very unusual larger lacquered brass metric aneroid barometer altimeter with loupe by Elliott Brothers, London c1906

Pocket barometer altimeter having 3¼” silvered and die struck dial, engine divided scales, the outer calibrated in metres with a range from 0 – 6,000m, divided to 10m, inner barometric scale calibrated in centimetres of mercury and divided to millimetres.
Fine blued steel pointer, rotating bezel and bevelled glass with loupe.

1st quality movement of conventional pattern, marked 20/07/06 WB,” driven from a single 35mm capsule tensioned on a C spring. All contained within a drum form case with engine turned finishers. Extension post and suspension loop .Calibration port to verso, marked “R. De. C.”

Condition: The subject of a full service, conservation, and calibration under laboratory conditions. The movement working exceptionally well, despite the fact this is an instrument that is 117 years old. It shows very low levels of drift and is testament to the quality of build and materials in constructions, see performance chart. 

The dial crisp and clean with evidence of slight ageing, minor marks at centre only visible in critical light. The case retaining a very high proportion of its original lacquered finish, some wear and minor marks only.

Comments: Though retailed by Elliott Brothers, the signature on the movement, probably that of a finisher, is associated with Short and Mason – during this period S&M were producing their finest instruments.

Metric altimeters by English makers are very hard to find. This was either made to special order or for export. Altimeters and orometers (the French term for a barometric altimeter) with this sort of range – around 20,000’ – and still remaining relatively accurate are a real find.

Very much a collector’s or connoisseur’s piece alike.

Elliott Brothers were known to produce some of the finest instruments in the world. The movement selected for this instrument is consistent with that reputation. It is not clear whether the entire instrument was sold as a white label piece, in this case almost certainly from Short & Mason, or if the movement was bought in by Elliott with case and dial manufactured in house.

Dimensions: 3½” diameter x 1⅞” deep

Stock No: PB2218

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