Very rare gilt brass Stormoguide pocket barometer by Short & Mason No I21334 c1935 in leather travel case

Very Rare Short & Mason Stormoguide Pocket Barometer No I21334 c1935 – SOLD

Pocket barometer having 1¾” silvered dial with a barometric range from 27½” to 31½” of mercury, divided to 1/50ths of an inch, with corresponding inner scale with a range from A to K. The upper part of the dial marked “Falling” to anticlockwise and “Rising” to clockwise. Beneath these, marked “Stormoguide” and divided into two columns, the left headed “Falling” and carrying Stormoguide weather forecasts for K-J, J-L, L-H and so on to B-A, the right headed Rising and carrying weather forecasts for A-B, B-C, C-D and so on to J-K. Serial “No. I.21334,” and marked “United States Copyright 1922 Taylor Instrument Companies Rochester N Y.”

Fine blued-steel pointer set below a bevelled glass. Barrel form case with suspension ring and pinned bow, compensation screw to rear at 7 o’clock degrees. Revolving altitude plate with a range from 0-3,500 feet, marked “Rotate until the arrow points to the altitude of your locality” and “Patented August 18, 1914.”

Conventional lacquered gilt, first quality movement with bi-metallic compensation driven by a 1¼” capsule. The base plate marked with the Short & Mason “S&M” logogram and “P.”

Contained with a correct burgundy leather over wood, velvet and silk lined travel case, snap closure on a button release.

The dial perfect, the brass case with some original finish, verso with some abrasions and losses. The travel case crisp overall, sound condition, velvet retaining its richness of colour and vibrancy, the lid silk replaced.

This is one of only four of these particular instruments that we have seen which would suggest that they were manufactured in relatively small numbers, in part due to the original cost which, as shown in the 1936 catalogue page shown, was $45 – a princely sum indeed and the equivalent of £650 today! Taylor Instrument Company bought Short & Mason in 1900, though this is absolutely a Short & Mason design.

The instrument has two particularly interesting facets – the first, based on an earlier patent of 1914, enables the entire back to be rotated carrying with it the movement and thus altering the value displayed on the dial to reflect the local altitude and enable the user to read the instrument as if at sea level, and the second is the dial and its weather forecasts – this Stormoguide pocket barometer was Short & Mason’s answer to Negretti & Zambra’s Weather Watch.

Serviced, conserved and calibrated, this pocket barometer is very much a collector’s piece.

Dimensions: 3½” long x 2½” wide x 1″ deep

Stock No: PB1808

Price: SOLD