A splendid and very attractive Art Deco Stormoguide wall barometer by Short & Mason c1930

Vintage Short & Mason Stormoguide Wall Barometer No 2559 c1930 – SOLD

Image of Short & Mason Stormoguide Barometer c1930Large “Stormoguide” aneroid wall barometer having 7½” square silvered and engraved dial with barometric range from 26 – 31 inches of mercury, and very fine decoration to corners. The dial carrying, in a circle around its outer edge, the folklore rhyme: “Fast Rise After Low, Foretells Stronger Blow. Long Foretold Long Last, Short Notice Soon Past.”  Inside this, the dial displaying Stormoguide meteorological wording. Further marked “Stormoguide” and “Compensated for Temperature” to centre, and “Short & Mason London, Copyright 1930” and “Made in England” to bottom. Black enamelled steel pointer, matching gilt brass telltale with red enamelled arrow, plate glass. Conventional single 3” capsule driven movement.

Image of Short & Mason Stormoguide Barometer c1930The whole fitted into a substantial Art Deco well-figured oak case, marked with serial no. “2559″ to verso. Rotating station height adjustment plate, calibrated in feet with a range from zero (sea level) to 3,500ft. Adjustment screw at 3 o’clock. Hanging mount.

The Stormoguide was Short & Mason’s rival to Negretti & Zambra’s range of hugely successful forecasters. To predict the weather, it is necessary to read the barometer frequently. If the barometric trend is rising, then the outer black lettered statements relative to the pressure at the time of reading are used; if falling, then the inner red lettered statements are taken.

Presented in exceptional condition, the oak case with good colour, retaining virtually all its original lacquered finish. Minor loss to top edge of case, otherwise very slight marks and signs of age only.

A very unusual instrument with immediate visual impact. Fully dismantled, serviced and conserved, the instrument responds well to pressure changes. An item to impress.

Dimensions: 10¼” wide x 11″ high x 2½” deep

Stock No: BA0671

Price: SOLD

Image of Short & Mason Stormoguide Barometer c1930
Image of Short & Mason Stormoguide Barometer c1930
Image of Short & Mason Stormoguide Barometer c1930